Pholisma sonorae is a rare parasitic plant that grows in the Sonoran, Mojave, Colorado and Yuma deserts, where it lives inside sand dunes.

It lacks chlorophyll and gets nutrients by attaching to the roots of desert shrubs and plants. It gets water through the grayish scale-like leaves which cover its underground stem. Above ground, it looks kinda mushroom-like, and blooms with small violet flowers on bulbous caps.

Interestingly, this oddball is part of the forget-me-not family of plants!

@InvaderXan I've recently re-watch David Attenborough's "The Private Life of Plants" and it was packed with fascinating plants such as this.

I re-watched that series pretty recently myself. Plants, especially rare and unusual ones, are a long time fascination of mine!

@InvaderXan I would have never guessed that it was part of the forget-me-not family!

Fascinating plant. Quite weird though

Fascinating but weird describes many of my favourite things! πŸ’š

@InvaderXan You could've told me that was a fungus and I would've believed you from the thumbnail. Dang, nature's weird and fascinating. :blobcatpopcorn:

Not so weird when you think about it. This plant lives underground like a fungus. Convergent evolution means it’ll find similar solutions to problems based on what’s easiest for it. Lots of subterranean parasitic plants look kinda fungussy when they show up above ground!

I want to get to the Sonoran desert during the rainy season to see the plants that grow in that tiny window Of time. It was a childhood dream, strangely enough . ...

Any desert after the rain is a sight to see. I’d like to see the Atacama too.

@InvaderXan have you ever seen a desert after rain.πŸ˜€..I never have πŸ˜”
@InvaderXan how do you feel about carnivorous plants? Yay or nay?

Nepenthes alata, sarracenia purpurea, and heliamphora minor. I'd keep more if I had space. Sarracenia leucophylla is particularly attractive.

@InvaderXan yes I've had my eye on that one...was thinking about getting a specimen for observation

Yeah all the plant and gem people are on Instagram,it's where I buy my specimenz lolz. Plants,gems,and computer stuffz are my thingz.
@testie @InvaderXan We have to open up a plant pleroma instance then. LMAO

Haha definitely what Id like us to work on...there is a lot to be move onward ...does everyone like Gemz too?...I'm getting this big old cubed garnet floater

@InvaderXan My love has some of those, grafted onto a slightly larger cactus. They've been doing well, too. My love's thought about getting another host cactus to move some of the babies onto.

(Also had one in college that just ... fell apart, while a friend was watching the plants for a week. My love didn't understand the plants at the time, thought they were a single weird cactus, and couldn't understand what their friend had *done*.)

I guess it's understandable to not really understand these plants. They're very unusual. Impressive that you can grow them like that though!

@InvaderXan It's wholly the plant's doing! We would have thought our house has too little and too indirect light for anything to be happy (and we've certainly tried finding something that would be happy), but this one's decided it is.

Ultimately, plants: what the heck, huh?

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