The next GAF Livestream is out on the 8th of July! The topic is the increasingly worrying idea of eco-fascism. This livestream will be co-hosted by friends from Ende Gelände and the London Antifascist Assembly Check out the link for details:

Unfortunately our friends at the GRASS squat in Holloway have been evicted this morning and are moving to a new location. (We’ll keep you updated about where they’ll set up next!)

It says a lot that a hub of mutual aid where so much good work helping people has been done is now evicted by bailiffs at a time when it’s needed most. Solidarity and Mutual Aid forever! 🏴

Seen put up by our friends in the GRASS squatted social centre in Holloway. Solidarity with protesters in Minnesota!

The only Justice is carried out by the people, let’s not wait for an inquiry that does fuck all.

30 more food boxes organised and delivered by the lovely folks in GRASS with Food4All and the Holloway mutual aid network to a network of people who need them.
Mutual aid forever!

Looking for ideas? Come play May Day Bingo!

Just remember not to post your filled out bingo cards online, or you may lose out on prizes. Stay safe, stay powerful, keep fighting!

Yesterday we disrupted and shut down the Tortoise Media ThinkIn event on climate change in Appleton Tower along with the Staff-Student Solidarity Network Edinburgh, People & Planet Edinburgh and West Papua Solidarity Edinburgh.

We organised a noise protest that prevented the event from going ahead.
Tortoise Media are sponsored by BP, one of the most exploitative and polluting fossil fuel companies. The event was also crossing a picket line.

Tortoise Media hide their complicity in helping an oil industry giant co-opt environmental activism under the guise of fostering “civil disagreement”. However, ending the fossil fuel industry is incompatible with taking money from BP. Our disagreement is not civil; their greenwashing of such an urgent issue is inexcusable.

Footage of excessive police violence during GAF protest 

The police exist to defend the rich and their property.

As anti-capitalists we know this, but it is rarely shown like it was at the Rally Against Capital where we saw the police line up to defend the London Stock Exchange and the bankers inside who looked on from above.

We saw police use huge and unreasonable force against activists as seen above, using their knees to restrict the airways of protesters.

The police will never stop defending the state and the rich so we will never stop fighting back and defending ourselves and others

So you’re free this Friday? And you’re not going to the Rally Against Capital to fuck with some bankers? Why? Come along and show the bankers where the power really lies.

Graffiti seen on police station shows and the names of those killed by police in London.

We must all continue to a fight for a world without state violence.

Holding strong at the hour mark, police presence aggressive and in line with RCMP colonial violence - this is a peaceful, non-violent demo that the cops are violently trying to break up.

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