On 31 oct, the far-right are planning to mobilise in central london, capitalising on brexit chaos to spread islamophobia & xenophobia. meet 7:30pm, 31 oct, southbank & counter-demo to oppose racism & fascism. siamo tutti antifascisti!

The Green Anticapitalist Front and Global Justice Rebellion march in solidarity with the people of Rojava and their freedom from the brutal invasion of the Turkish state.

International Call: RiseUp, Defend Rojava!

is calling for a worldwide mass mobilization and actions against a Turkish invasion in Northeast Syria

Join resistance or organize on:
• 12th October (decentral concept)
• 19th October (central national wide demonstrations) worldwide


Remember to use quotation marks when talking about "overpopulation" as it's not a real thing - we're simply quoting genocidal racists and eugenics freaks

Statement from Friday's Arrestee in Cardiff (1) 


No pride in AWE / No pride in police / No pride in the military industry. We successfully led a loud queer liberation bloc through the parade and then picketed the AWE stand at Reading Pride, even through the rain ✊

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