Thank you so much to our comrades at @zapatistasolidaritynetwork for organising and having us at their celebratory and crowdfunding event yesterday!

We really loved seeing and hearing about all the different struggles that all the different amazing groups are continuing to fight, and after our time away it truly meant a lot to have the opportunity to speak about our resistance and re strengthen bonds with everyone.

Thank you immensely to the comrades at Brigata Ultra Clapton for hosting this even and thank you eternally to every single group that attended for continuing to inspire us! More from us coming soon!


Now that we're back we really want to start things moving again, reconnect with our local community and reenergise the anti-capitalist struggle for the environmentalist perspective. We hope to do this by building up coalitions of local activists into wider assemblies which should offer an opportunity for us to get insight into new campaigns and struggles. Our aim is to give ourselves and others direction in how to get back out there, post-pandemic and start organising again.

Keep an eye on the page and elsewhere as we start putting ourselves back into the fight and send us a message if you would like to get involved, want to bring our attention to a particular cause, or would just like to say hi!


Hi all, hope you are well, or as well as can be in these times of chaos!

We just wanted to put this post here to announce that London GAF is back! We're sorry that we've been away for most of 2021. The pandemic took a toll on everyone as people needed to step back to take time for self care and personal health - or just self reflection - as well as dedicating their finite capacity for activist work on more urgent projects, like mutual aid. We have also been working out what direction we wanted to take this project and who wanted to remain involved.

We believe that care for ourselves and our comrades, as well as considered reflection is important, which is why we might be slower in our responses and take breaks from our activity as and when it becomes necessary to keep this group running sustainably.

GAF Fucks The Media: Introducing GAM

We have some exciting news. We are starting a new media project. Read all about it in our blog.

Check out our interview with GCAF (Gran Canaria Anarchist Federation) on the 24th. It should be a really interesting discussion and these guys have been doing some fantastic work. Link below;

The next GAF Livestream is out on the 8th of July! The topic is the increasingly worrying idea of eco-fascism. This livestream will be co-hosted by friends from Ende Gelände and the London Antifascist Assembly Check out the link for details:

The next GAF Livestream is out on the 8th of July! The topic is the increasingly worrying idea of eco-fascism. This livestream will be co-hosted by friends from Ende Gelände and the London Antifascist Assembly Check out the link for details:

Epidemiologists seriously advise against licking boots at this time

-If police want to give you a fine and you don’t give your details, they’re likely to arrest you whether the fine is under the coronavirus legislation or not

3. UNDER WHAT POWER? Police sometimes rely on protesters not knowing the law. If police tell you to do something make sure you challenge them to act lawfully by asking ‘AM I LEGALLY OBLIGED TO?’ & ‘UNDER WHAT POWER?’

4. NO DUTY SOLICITOR! If you’re arrested never take the solicitor offered by the police- they may not know anything about protest & give bad advice. Instead we recommend asking for ITN 020 3909 8100 or HJA 0808 274 8226

5. NO CAUTION! A caution is an admission of guilt for an offence without police having to show evidence. Doesn’t sound like much but stays on your record & can impact employment. Best not to accept one, unless a trusted solicitor has specifically advised you to & explained why

You can get a printable version of Green & Black Cross' bustcard here:

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Heading to the
demo in London or anywhere in England and Wales tomorrow? Know your rights & share these key messages!

1. NO COMMENT! You’re usually not required to answer police questions, so don’t. - Say ‘no comment’. This includes ‘friendly chats’, on the streets, in a police van & during interview. PLOs (officers in blue bibs) are trained intelligence gatherers - remember ‘NO COMMENT’

2. NO PERSONAL DETAILS! You DON’T legally have to give personal details when you’re being stopped & searched & you usually don’t need to give personal details to police anyway.

- If you’re arrested many people choose to give their name, address, nationality & date of birth (no more than this) when they get to the custody desk (not before) as not giving this can delay release

- If you’re arrested & police demand your nationality you must give it (Policing & Crime Act 2017). Ask ‘UNDER WHAT POWER?’. This only applies after arrest, not on the streets

Unfortunately our friends at the GRASS squat in Holloway have been evicted this morning and are moving to a new location. (We’ll keep you updated about where they’ll set up next!)

It says a lot that a hub of mutual aid where so much good work helping people has been done is now evicted by bailiffs at a time when it’s needed most. Solidarity and Mutual Aid forever! 🏴

Just want to make it clear we are absolutely for the burning of police stations

Seeing the Minnesota protests and want to help out from a distance? Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help bail people out of jail.

Seen put up by our friends in the GRASS squatted social centre in Holloway. Solidarity with protesters in Minnesota!

Come join us for tonight's livestream at 20:00 BST!

In this episode we hear from friends involved in Foodhall Project (a community kitchen in Sheffield) and the National Food Service (a grassroots network across the UK with an aim of eliminating food insecurity). We will be hearing about the value of social eating spaces, how Foodhall and the NFS are tackling social isolation and food waste, and about the mutual aid they are currently involved in. The speakers will also touch on the organising models used within Foodhall and the NFS, and how the aims of the projects fit into wider environmental and anti-capitalist movements.

Want to get more involved? Here are some resources which can help support further organizing in your community, ways to donate, and further information about the Wet'suwet'en's upholding their rights and title:

Donate to Raven Trust's Wet'suwet'en legal defence fund:
& the Unist'ot'en Camp Donation Page:

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🌿Check out the toolkit for more information on AIMCo, the action, and how you can get involved:

🌿Email AIMCo today with this messaging tool:

🌿Sign your name to the petition calling for AIMCo to divest from CGL:

🌿Call AIMCo’s head office at +1-780-392-3600 and ask to speak to Kevin Uebelein. You will most likely be directed to his assistant's line. Not sure what to say once you’re patched through? The toolkit above has sample call scripts that are easy to use!

🌿Text or call AIMCo’s director of corporate communication at +1-780-932-4013. See the toolkit for sample text/call scripts.

🌿Tweet at AIMCo's director of corporate communication, Dénes Németh Need some help drafting the tweets? Click on the link to the toolkit above for some sample messages.

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Join the Online Day of Action on Tuesday 26th May and take a stand in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en nation!

Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, international solidarity calls for an end to all construction, and an eviction notice by Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs, CGL and RCMP continue to illegally occupy sovereign Wet'suwet'en yintah. Their presence on the territory puts communities at risk; endangers Indigenous womxn, two-spirit, and non-binary people with the building of man camps along the pipeline route; and threatens land, water, climate, and air.

AIMCo, a public pension fund manager in so-called Alberta, is set to finalize a deal with TC Energy at the end of this month to purchase a 65% share in Coastal GasLink pipeline alongside U.S. based investment firm KKR. Now is the time to tell AIMCo we are watching their investment in violent, colonial structures! Here's how you take action today and let AIMCo know loud and clear: This pipeline will never be built!

It would be terrible if we replaced all currency with seeds because then people would just cheat the system by going out and planting loads of trees and plants in order to acquire even more seeds! That's just bad economics 🤷‍♂️

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