Many of us know people in high risk positions like NHS Frontliners or people with serious symptoms with no access to testing or treatment. Johnson gets tested with mild symptoms and will have world class treatment.

covid, xr, ecofascism, advocating genocide 

Seems like quite a few people out there need to socially distance themselves from ecofascism

Failing to implement a rent and mortgage amnesty during this time is effectively redistribution of wealth from the bottom ~50% of earners to the 1%. Why should landlords be able to keep making money from our rent when we can't work to make rent?

Bristol GAF and Earth Strike take on the fossil fuel industry in Bristol! The police sent 60 officers, mounted police and a drone. They're protecting the pipelines while we're dealing with the

The Coronavirus pandemic will give us a glimpse of the devastation to come if we don’t radically decarbonise the planet. Capitalists will hoard the necessities for survival during shortages and expect you to pay for them. We can decide whether we pay or we take it from them.

There is no debate to be held about the ethnic cleansing BP is currently profiting off of in West Papua. There is no debate to be held about the responsibility of companies in regards to global warming: their attitude of profit above all else has led us to where we are now.

Neoliberal and corporate approaches to climate change that feed into capitalism will never solve the problem. We refuse to participate in “civil discussion” with anyone affiliated with BP.

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Yesterday we disrupted and shut down the Tortoise Media ThinkIn event on climate change in Appleton Tower along with the Staff-Student Solidarity Network Edinburgh, People & Planet Edinburgh and West Papua Solidarity Edinburgh.

We organised a noise protest that prevented the event from going ahead.
Tortoise Media are sponsored by BP, one of the most exploitative and polluting fossil fuel companies. The event was also crossing a picket line.

Tortoise Media hide their complicity in helping an oil industry giant co-opt environmental activism under the guise of fostering “civil disagreement”. However, ending the fossil fuel industry is incompatible with taking money from BP. Our disagreement is not civil; their greenwashing of such an urgent issue is inexcusable.

📢 People of London 📢 Racist Italian Lega leader Matteo Salvini has announced that he will address his supporters in our city. Let's show up and show him the door. Meet at Piccadilly Circus tomorrow at 18:30

Footage of excessive police violence during GAF protest 

Although we attempt to storm the stock exchange from time to time and occupy the odd police station, about 90% of our efforts actually go into educating ourselves and others about the links between capitalism/colonialism and climate change.

As part of the today we went to the London Stock Exchange to shut down their profiteering from the climate crisis

So you’re free this Friday? And you’re not going to the Rally Against Capital to fuck with some bankers? Why? Come along and show the bankers where the power really lies.

Are you in London today and fancy some Green Anticapitalist Action?

Join us at the corner of Milk Street and Gresham Street at 2pm for a Walking Tour of the City!

This evening we'll also be holding a workshop and discussion on the anti-capitalist climate movement at 6:30pm today! At GRASS - a 1 minute walk from Holloway Road tube station.

So you’re free this Friday? And you’re not going to the Rally Against Capital to fuck with some bankers? Why? Come along and show the bankers where the power really lies.

While Green London is still holding strong in the former Paddington Green Police Station, we felt it was unfair to bring members of the public into a situation where they could be exposed to the aggressive and threatening behaviour of the police and bailiffs. We have therefore, while continuing our occupation of Green London, decided to open a new social space for our week of action:

LONDON RUSSIAN ANTI-FASCIST SOLIDARITY DEMO - Thursday 27 February, 6:30pm outside the Russian Embassy, 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QP. Part of the international week of action in solidarity with the recently jailed and tortured Russian anarchists.

Addendum: Not all the names are of people who have died in police custody in London (Sheku Bayou was Police Scotland, Kingsley Burrell was West Midlands, Leon Briggs was Bedfordshire).

Apologies for the misprint.

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Graffiti seen on police station shows and the names of those killed by police in London.

We must all continue to a fight for a world without state violence.

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