While Green London is still holding strong in the former Paddington Green Police Station, we felt it was unfair to bring members of the public into a situation where they could be exposed to the aggressive and threatening behaviour of the police and bailiffs. We have therefore, while continuing our occupation of Green London, decided to open a new social space for our week of action: greenanticapitalist.org/new-we

LONDON RUSSIAN ANTI-FASCIST SOLIDARITY DEMO - Thursday 27 February, 6:30pm outside the Russian Embassy, 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QP. Part of the international week of action in solidarity with the recently jailed and tortured Russian anarchists. crimethinc.com/2020/02/15/call

Addendum: Not all the names are of people who have died in police custody in London (Sheku Bayou was Police Scotland, Kingsley Burrell was West Midlands, Leon Briggs was Bedfordshire).

Apologies for the misprint.

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Graffiti seen on police station shows and the names of those killed by police in London.

We must all continue to a fight for a world without state violence.

Tomorrow morning they will surround the Paddington Green Police station in the event the bailiffs are told to force entry. We need to stop them for everyone living there, and for every family they will come for after. This Event is not only to raise awareness of the hideous neglect of our country but to use any means necessary to peacefully prevent the eviction.

We will gather by the telephone boxes outside of Paddington Green at 10AM Tommorrow. PLEASE share this around to anyone who’d be able to show up and show their support.

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We are losing our shelter . We are losing our healthcare , we are getting evicted and deported. It’s time we lose our fear. Tomorrow, the police will be deploying ruthless violence to kick people from their homes by any means necessary. They are ripping our shelter apart and leaving us to freeze on the streets.

For years Police Station has been left to rot by the government while people die on the streets from lack of shelter. People in the past few weeks have turned it into their homes. Their intention was not only to live there themselves, but to open it to a wider community, prioritising the homeless community in this borough. But the government cannot allow that to happen. They will put profit over people’s lives.

Holding strong at the hour mark, police presence aggressive and in line with RCMP colonial violence - this is a peaceful, non-violent demo that the cops are violently trying to break up.

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The offices of KKR have been occupied in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en - their investment in Coastal GasLink is profiting off of colonial occupation - demanding that KKR pull all their funds from Coastal GasLink immediately

We stand with the Wet’suwet’en nation - never surrender!

The Green Anti-capitalist Front’s official statement to all daily mail journalists attempting to open dialogue with GAF: Get absolutely fucked

Was nice to meet Oli (and Rich!) from JOE.co.uk the other day! The GRASS (Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space) was originally formulated as the result of a public assembly to come up with ideas to tackle capitalism in ways that not only ‘stick it to the man’, but demonstrate that it’s entirely practical and possible to build a new society. A society based on fairness, compassion, co-ordination and communal working and living. The sort of society where no one will be without a home or a chance to live a fulfilling life. greenanticapitalist.org/green-

Let's take a minute to reflect on all those poor coppers who always dreamed of using violence to protect the interests of climate destroyers, only to then see one of their most iconic centres of repression turned into an green community centre 😢

If you have a bit of money to spare, please consider helping us to pay some of the costs for our week of action. We have nothing to sell, so everything comes from donations gofundme.com/f/green-anticapit

If the seeds of revolution can be planted in the symbolic core of repression by state and capital, then they can be planted everywhere 💚 Solidarity 🖤Autonomous Direct Action ❤️ Mutual Aid

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At we introduce you to the Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Squat aka GRASS. Come to our week of action to find out everything about how to destroy capitalism and build a better world based on mutual-aid, autonomy and ecological sustainability.

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GAF activists have successfully occupied the Paddington Green Police station along with other comrades, we are entering the second night now. Watch the GAF social medias for ways to support and for upcoming events! Solidarity! 🏴❤️💚

(Photo from the top of building)

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