We are now assembling in London's Leicester Square for the Earth Strike :earthstrike:

Bring plenty of water, spare food and essentials. Plus face coverings, flags, banners, noisemakers, guillotines and anything else you think might be necessary :)

Good luck today comrades :ecoanarchism_heart:

GAF banners were waving high at every "Free Tommy" counter demo. Protecting the earth also means protecting it from fascists.

Support 12RfW's anti-far-right media project by listening to their newest ep.: The Return of Free Tommy with London Antifascist Assembly and Feminist Antifascist Assembly



seven ways to fight fires in the amazon 

anarchist federation endorses earth strike :anarchism: :earthstrike: 

ukpol, defend democracy 

No pride in AWE / No pride in police / No pride in the military industry. We successfully led a loud queer liberation bloc through the parade and then picketed the AWE stand at Reading Pride, even through the rain ✊

Shut down DSEI critical mass 1pm 6th Sept 

:gaf: at Reading Pride 

Are you in Edinburgh tomorrow?

The local Green Anticapitalist Front :gaf: and Earth Strike :earthstrike: are co-hosting a panel discussion featuring guest speakers from several local groups, including the Industrial Workers of the World :iww:

Come along if you fancy!


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