I'm watching the latest DEFCON 27 talks that were published
Some of the village talks are mindblowing

I want to learn more about yeast biology, to build a bioreactor and get it running.

Some projects like are trying to liberate the production of insulin by genetically engineering yeast. The bio is too hard for me but that is a really niiice project

@Antot Rami Kim of was the keynote speaker at the con I went to this past September, and she was amazing.

@Antot whaaaat? which talk was that? i cant find it.. :| sounds interesting.. even tough im more into natural medicines...


Natural medicines are not for every illness obviously!
But the study of pland based traditional remedies is what brought most of our current pharmacopea: the big pharma corps have been sending scientists to the amazon to study traditionally used plants for a long time, and without any documented use of a molecule in these remedies they remain open to be patented.

I find it more revolting to be barred the use of "new" traditional medicine that could be brought to us freely by the wonders of synthetic chemistry and open laboratories, than to have to ingest pills rather than plants.

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