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Hello masto! I ´m new around here but Id love to connect more with y’all!

Im a big fan of with ( power electronics, computing, amateur radio 📡 ,optronics 🔭 and blinky LEDs🌈✨, wannabe ) but also (🍄🌱)#biohacking and

I am trying to be an active member of the local and communities

and music enthusiast

Now let's enjoy some plant based muscle relaxant

Just did 100km on my bike today, my legs are hating me right now

next time I'll do 150km, but I'll remove a lot of stuff form the bike (rack, mudgards) and I'll try not to carry as much useless stuff as I did today D:

lewd joke 

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Lewd cursed bathwater shitpost 

400 fellow cyclists at a local critical mass type event
It felt super good to own the street and roam around with the superb weather
Pedestrian cheered us and we all responded with a bell concerto, it was super fun!

I Will do it again next month!

We should make a review channel where we review thing that cannot be bought.
Like: look at this landscape, I like this specific mountain a lot but maybe it could be improved with a cool sunset
4/5 stars
Or maybe: look guys I just pet this cat.
5/5 stars would pet again
Then again: This is the cow poop I accidently stepped-on.
1/5 stars, Too fresh, smells bad, would not recommend

Maybe I should listen to this podcast by john green :o

Want to put my hands on a portable emitter - receiver to tinker with packet radio and other digital modes

RaspberryPi (4) would be great for the brainz but the radio is unclear to me: LimeSDR mini have USB3 so I could use the full bandwidth of the receiver
Or a ADAML-Pluto which is equipped with USB2 so a max of 10MHz BW is possible

the pluto is hardly available but it is fitted with a FPGA-SoC onboard, this could offer some great low-level DSP

I guess I could justify the pluto to be bought on company money as a training but I'd prefer to own it myself to hack it more thouroughly

Just installed 3 bidon holder on my bicycle 🚲 ! They will come handy this weekend as commuting 7km at noon felt like entering a sauna, 40celcius at 17:00 🥵

I want my next NAS drive to be called:
”Old town ROM”

gabber - loud 

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Hi @aral !

We've almost completed the crowdfunding of #Mobilizon (our not-so-secret project to get our events off Facebook!)

I think Mobilizon fits perfectly with the #smalltech concept.

However, as you know, we are struggling to make our actions known outside France, so - now that we don't need more money (we won't do "more" with "more money") - we need help to make the project known to non-French-speaking activists.
Can you help us?

That new ignited old projects that were deemed impractical!
A local cloud/NAS with dual-redundant storage also a pi-hole to clean my web as well as a software defined radio platform(but that require hardware that is crazy expensive 😖)

I also have a set of solar panels and batteries that could power that thing! A solar+battery to USB-C converter could be really great if I can implement the full usb-c-PD specification to also be useable as a PC charger

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Pissing on your compost heap is praxis

européens et francophones!
Avez-vous eu vent de festivals et rencontres hacker en plein air pour cet été?

J'ai très envie d'aller me mettre au vert pendant quelques jours pour bricoler, faire des rencontres, découvrir des choses et débattre

European !
Have you guys heard of any nice hacker festival coming this summer?

I would love to go green for a few days, tinker a bit with stuff, meet like-minded peoples, discover new horizons and debate hacking and stuff :3

Boosts are welcome!

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Aujourd'hui, 95km à vélo, 400m de dénivelé positif, un pique-nique, une baignade dans le lac, une soupe à l'oignon indus, mille discussions, dix mille blagues, un champ tout en fleurs, une maison au toit végétalisé, la lune.

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Ayé jsuis rentré, un peu tristounet que la randonnée n'ait duré que deux jours mais motivé pour repartir très vite !!

👯 dancing in tha woods!

Outdoors-raving season is starting again

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