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Hello masto! I ´m new around here but Id love to connect more with y’all!

Im a big fan of with ( power electronics, computing, amateur radio 📡 ,optronics 🔭 and blinky LEDs🌈✨, wannabe ) but also (🍄🌱)#biohacking and

I am trying to be an active member of the local and communities

and music enthusiast

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how do you defeat the laser crab of capitalism. the answer is obvious

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37km bike ride today! Yay!
Just had a bit of rain, next weekend I hope I could do 50 comfortably
And soon 💯 km!
Goal for this summer is to do a 4/5day self-supported roundtrip from my home: low impact holidays :D

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Remember to use the hashtag and/or tag @actionweek in your action posts! If you want your submission to remain anonymous, you can also DM this blog and we'll repost it for you. I can't wait to see what we all accomplish this week!

I’m looking into building myself a tarp shelter to go bikepacking with my hammock
Have any of you sewn on plastic tarp material? Would a standard machine work? (Or should I stitch everything by hand?)

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Gonna write a blog post about how DC nano/microgrids are not a panacea for #solarpunk and decentralized energy applications. Anyone got any points they would definitely want to see addressed by such a thing?

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Main problem with biological and organic (in the chemistry sense) solar cells is their efficiency isn't very good. Not to say it will always be that way, but it's not a good starting point unless it's something you want to tinker with.

I think solar thermal systems are the best bet for DIY, honestly. We've become an electrical monoculture when a lot of things just need heat or mechanical energy - 1/2

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Lightweight, distributed infrastructures to deliver short shelflife medical products and blood
This looks amazing!

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Drinking tea from a glass pint is the best way to drink tea

Thou shall not debate that

Today's "sunday's special" is:
A pint of warm roobios brew

Cheers :battery_charging:

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Hope y’all got too much of all the good stuff!

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