Not only are trans men real men, they are more real men than cis men.
I'm a cis man and my relationship with my own gender is that when I was a kid I was told I was a boy and I basically just went with that. My boyfriend on the other hand is a trans man, which means he's actually thought very seriously about his gender and come to a conclusion that he's insisted on despite a huge portion of our society telling him he's wrong.

@AnarchyonGallifrey I think that's gatekeepy bullshit. The "realness" or "validity" or your identity does not depend on how much you question your gender.

(I also think it's dangerous to say that cis people never question their gender)

@strangeglyph I'm not particularly concerned with gatekeeping when it's directed specifically towards privileged groups. I think the cis will be fine.
And of course there are cis people who've explored their gender identity and found that they are in fact the gender they were originally assigned. But most cis people don't really give their gender much thought. Trans people have usually given their gender more thought and as a result are more in touch with it.
I'm more just trying to flip the "real man" rhetoric on its head.

@AnarchyonGallifrey Fuck the "Real X" in either direction. And consider that there are also trans people who have questioned their gender more or less than other trans folks who you are calling "less real".

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