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tabletop, music, libertarian politics, acab 

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Got baby chicks wednesday. Started a twitch stream so I can monitor them from my office. Might as well give y'all the ability to see them too.

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Broke: My friends and I started a podcast.

Woke: My friends and I started an Audio-Oriented Art Co-Op.

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Pro Wrestling, Felt Cute Might Delete Later 

for some reason I love this style of images. authoritative, slightly absurd yet grounded in real concerns, their liberal use of caps, font weight, and clip art, it’s all fantastic. I want more of them

I know they were giving dudes estrogen to treat the virus, but I didn't realise it had already gone this far

I need a himbo
I'm holding out for a himbo 'til the end of the night

tabletop, music, libertarian politics, acab 

I like it when some lib gets mad about criticizing Obama and says something like, "Well if he wasn't a good president, then who was?"

Yes, exactly. You're so close to getting it.

With each new era Democrats choose a few social and economic causes to which they'll pay lip service and then dutifully maintain the status quo around those, allowing them to claim some mortal high ground over the abj-evil-and-not-hiding-it GOP. For Obama's era it was LGBTQ rights and "access" to "health care." Thanks to these two things he is beyond reproach. Ignore all that other stuff with imperialism and corporate welfare and deportations and the surveillance state.

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fuck Amazon. Amazon workers are on strike. you can probably find what you're looking for by going to the product's company website and getting it there cheaper.

please try to not buy anything through Amazon.

“But dad, what if I’m sorted into House Anarchism?”

“Karl Vladimir Kropotkin Potter, you were named for three headmasters of communism. One of them was an anarchist, and he was probably the most communist man I ever knew.”

hornets, bees and bumblebees always find their way out of window where they flew in when it's open just a crack. wasps don't. wasps get aggressive instead. wasps are fucking dumbasses. truly the hooligans of the animal kingdom.

it was extremely rad that "adventurer" used to be a valid job description. let's bring this back!!

**Alarm as coronavirus curbs disrupt East Africa fight on locusts**

"Flight restrictions delay pesticide deliveries in the region, where locusts are on the verge of devastating crops."

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