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Broke: My friends and I started a podcast.

Woke: My friends and I started an Audio-Oriented Art Co-Op.

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Pro Wrestling, Felt Cute Might Delete Later 

Really like that in Chinese characters "home" is 家 which is 宀 "roof" over 豕 "pig". A roof over your pig, that's all home is. A roof and your pig. All you really need.

white supremacy search engine? 

i do not understand how chipotle stays in business in california i could literally trip over my own dick and sonic the hedgehog roll in any random direction and i would hit a dank ass mexican food truck or restaurant in less than 40 seconds

*me, raising my hands above my head* people of Earth, lend me your clout!

If I was in death stranding my name would be Shoot Ropesman and if I didn't shoot ropes every 45 minutes I will die. Thanks please boost this I'm waiting for my dad to wake up

Myyyy housecat kills all the birds in the yard

:drake_dislike: wife guys
:drake_like: guys who were once wife guys but then Divorced Their American Wife! Read My Column On How Femal

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