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So, maybe it's time to introduce myself.
My real name's Hansi. I'm a part of the tumblr exodus. I'm a commie-anarcho-individualist-feminist-democratic confederalist-animal liberationist. I'm an Ásatrú practitioner. I'm bisexual and polyamorous. I'm a philosophy undergrad, currently writing my bachelor's thesis on the right to health. I have a dog. Her name is Stella. I love Doctor Who, beer and folk punk, and I hate Nazis.

Toot string about killing your idols (5/5) 

Toot string about killing your idols (4/5) 

Toot string about killing your idols (3/5) 

People who reblog the start of a toot string before it has been completed are braver than any US marine.
Thank you for your faith in me to not royally fuck up that line of thought before the end of my toot string. I hope I did not betray your trust.

I'm spending my evening watching a documentary about Mr. Rogers. It is very, very good.

controversial, yet brave apple take 

Subjective experience:
Queer spaces are on average a safer space to discuss socialism than socialist spaces are to discuss queerness.

right wing conspiracy theories and the racism and transphobia therein 

You ever think about how the Estados Unidos Mexicanos has just as much right to be called "the United States" as the USA does

Hell, you ever think about how they have just as much right to be called "the United States of America" too

porn titles story 

I will never recognize the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Ringoism

more lessons from a star war 

lessons from a star war 

Things I'm leaving behind in the passing decade:
1. Tobacco
2. Codependency
3. My fear of possums

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