Jake is a fake sounding name. I don’t trust Jake’s.

I'm sick and I'm getting really emotional over hbomberguy videos

its 2019 we don't say "tit for tat" anymore. now we say "shit for shat."

The great philosophical challenge I'm faced with as a modern anarchist is reconciling my absolute hatred of the police and my opinion that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a really great show.

Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

Repeating because this is still relevant: we will always need a front line. But the front line is useless if there is nothing to protect. We, leftists, radicals, comrades, need to STOP romanticizing and prioritizing massive rowdy street protest as the zenith of resistance tactics. It's inherently exclusive and an ideology fascists share, and it puts us at the disadvantage. We need to be able to use all our abilities, and so far "punching them in the face" only makes up a small percentage of what has been proven as effective. Widen your scope of praxis, yesterday.

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the millennial generation was lied to by dying capitalists attempting to make one more profit wave. all we needed was to optimize every part of our life for labor and then stability would come, but it never did. we got real good at blaming ourselves for everything though

I got asked how it is possible to be an "anarcho-communist" again today, so we haven't reached the level of public conciousness that I am going for.

By 2020 I want everyone everywhere to know what the fuck anarcho-communism is lmao

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Not only are trans men real men, they are more real men than cis men.
I'm a cis man and my relationship with my own gender is that when I was a kid I was told I was a boy and I basically just went with that. My boyfriend on the other hand is a trans man, which means he's actually thought very seriously about his gender and come to a conclusion that he's insisted on despite a huge portion of our society telling him he's wrong.

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