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So, maybe it's time to introduce myself.
My real name's Hansi. I'm a part of the tumblr exodus. I'm a commie-anarcho-individualist-feminist-democratic confederalist-animal liberationist. I'm an Ásatrú practitioner. I'm bisexual and polyamorous. I'm a philosophy undergrad, currently writing my bachelor's thesis on the right to health. I have a dog. Her name is Stella. I love Doctor Who, beer and folk punk, and I hate Nazis.

Angela Davis went to my favourite bar today and I wasn't there

The regular right 

The alt-right 

The alt-right 

Here's a very abstract scenario:
You are a proponent of an ideology we're going to designate as X. A part of ideology X is that it rejects a concept that we'll designate as A. Your problem is that concept A is generally accepted as being a positive thing by most people, so when you go about saying that you hate A, people tend to think you're a prick. How do you solve this problem?
A pretty effective, and rather dishonest, solution is to find a counterpart concept, concept B, and construct a narrative where A and B are in opposition to one another. You can then present ideology X as being not so much anti-concept A, but rather just pro-concept B. You can say that it's only because of your staunch and principled support of B that you oppose A.
You of course don't actually give a rodent's rectum about concept B. You might even be in direct contradiction with concept B, when your ideology is examined closely. But that doesn't matter. The point was never B. The point was being anti A.

It's a beautiful day for cigarettes, black coffee and shitty punk rock

lewd, medical, funny story 

lewd, medical, funny story 

I'm sort of resentful that "fake news" is just a thing we say now, unironically.

We’d be absolutely exhausted shoveling demons around like fresh fallen snow

Look, if the Harry Potter books actually summoned demons, we’d be balls deep in demons

Pessimism is C-3PO carefully calculating the odds and urging surrender because of the likelyhood of failure.
Optimism is Han Solo not giving a damn about the odds, because he understands that the odds are always 0 if you don't try.

You know what I'm leaning towards? Virtue ethics. With, like, kindness as the most central virtue.

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