Snap dragons are very pretty, but when the flowers die, their seed pods turn into creepy little skulls! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

@InvaderXan Dragon shaped flowers that yield skull shaped seed pods. The most metal plant ever?


I'm collecting snap dragon seed pods in an old vintage jar as I can find them. A creepy bit of magic.

@InvaderXan My mom wants to make a necklace out of these now. 0_0

@regines @InvaderXan If she doesn't do it, I'll try to do it as a project at some point and I will definitely post photos. :D

Heeeeeeey... πŸ’€
I've got a skull and
I'd like to think I'm not creepy. 🀨

But you're right.
Skulls on a plant do look creepy. 😢

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