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Seeing as I should prolly redo my

I'm Pancakes I'm a and I help run the instance as a .

I'm working to create the future we need to survive the climate crisis.

I primarily run on or but other DEs are good too. I'm not a fan of systemdisease.

Heres a block of the rest of my gay tags and stuff:

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an alternative to ReCaptcha that just checks for the presence of an adblocker and waves you through if you have one

"The aim of business is not to provide a good service, but to provide the only service."
- #TerryPratchett, 'Going Postal'

An apt description of FarceBook, Goggle, Amazone, and the #DataFarms.

who wears the plants in your relationship


Jesus: Full-communism now
Christians: There'll be time for utopia when we're dead

I wrote 'FUCK TERFS' on my stomach for pride and spent the day (mostly) topless. I got sunburn there so now I'm gonna have tan outlining the words 'FUCK TERFS' on my stomach all summer 😂

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Mastodon is where it is today because of furries and queer folks (and the intersection of those two). We've contributed an awful lot both to the code and to the community.

If you're a straight folk who's mad about how queer Mastodon is,

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