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Seeing as I should prolly redo my

I'm Pancakes I'm a and I help run the instance as a .

I'm working to create the future we need to survive the climate crisis.

I primarily run on or but other DEs are good too. I'm not a fan of systemdisease.

Heres a block of the rest of my gay tags and stuff:

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Start pirate TV stations. Like pirate radio, but also literally showing pirated media. Plus subMedia/Unicorn Riot/IGD news, useful tutorials for DIY and crimes, propaganda, local music, etc

It'd be so dope, come on

I just now realized that I don't have any Neil Cicierga on my computer 😦

"As above, so below," I say, lifting my skirt and revealing two small, but beautiful, breasts.

Quick, The Mods are awake. Now's the time to thank them for their labour in helping maintain a nice enviroment.

tetris came from russia which is proof that communism makes better video games

pls use this image wisely when boosting on someone's timeline.

Is the fediverse the gay agenda we were warned about? 🤔

I guess when the devs say they use Arch Linux the mean Manjaro.

you might not have known this, but google - the company you use for searching, email, maps, translation, data storage, watching videos, voice assistant tech, backing up your phone, storing photos, finding images, making purchases, making your phone's operating system, advertising, providing webfonts, running website analytics, providing captcha authentication, and browsing the internet - might be tracking you

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Who decided that scroll wheel should not be zoom in and out on maps anymore?

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