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I don't create shit, I'm just the position where ideas manifest.

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The ideal for both capitalism and communism is that everyone works for free, the only difference is that capitalists want to be paid for it.

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Interviewer: Whats the hardest thing you've done in your life?

Me: Exited

"now i can excuse spying on everyone everywhere all the time, but i draw the LINE at manipulating the online advertising market!"

I started this life learning to fight for what's right.

Making what's right illegal, doesn't make it wrong.

It makes your laws suspect and damages your authority.

Reap the wind authoritarians, reap the wind.

Sometimes the weather is so nice you just can't go to the gym to ride the exercise bike.

"Good evening ladies and gentle men."

Me: Oh shit! Should I leave?

I want a shirt that looks like the cover of We Will Fall Together by Streetlight Manifesto. Like I don't want the cover on the shirt I want the whole thing to look that way.

Good morning to everyone but especially low poly fox from Mega Man Legends 2

Purging books from my shelf and filling local little free libraries. I've got a large laundry basket full of books still. 0_0 But two more little libraries to visit.

It's important to remember that "penetration cum blast" is the name of an actual military tank shell

Yeah, yeah, Google plays all kinds of dirty tricks on the ad market it created, owns, and operates... so how about we shut it all down? Fuck your regulation.

semi related, but let me introduce you to the term tsundoku if you have not yet been acquainted.

"Tsundoku (Japanese: 積ん読) is acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them"

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omg the settlers are mad the vaccine mightve been tested on animals like it wasn't 100% for sure tested on indigenous people without their informed consent.

Google is the climate change of the Internet. Lots of people don't do anything about it because it's hard and would endanger their profits or even livelihood, but it's bad and it's real and it's going to ruin everything.

Twitter thread regarding an anti-trust suit against Google:

After reading all of this, I don't think I want to buy an Android phone ever again. Or if I do, only with Lineage+microG.

Watch this. Work to understand it. Talk about it with your associates that you need to.

I have been called genocidal by white leftists in the Fediverse who now advocate for Leninist land reform, and I see their posts boosted by folk who should know better by know.

So watch this. Learn better, know better, do better.

"Why should white leftists, who are clearly still enamored with white supremacy, be able to go to Black and Indigenous spaces and demand a solidarity to a movement that is not extending a jot of solidarity to them?...

"For the left-wing white supremacist, solidarity is not the neccesity to support your comrade in their liberation, but the demand to subordinate them to yours... and if Black people have the gall to disagree, then they're denounced as wanting to genocide white people.

"Decolonization for these settlers, these left-wing settlers, was limited to the metaphorical sphere, and solidarity couldn't be extended to anything as materially dangerous to white supremacy and settler-colonialism as LandBack...

"Solidarity is extended right to the point it begins to challenge settler-colonial social relations, and then the moment it does - that solidarity is renounced, and the denunciations begin...

"We see this so clearly with [white people] in the online left, who claim to support decolonization up to the point at which it unsettles their position in society, up to the point it unsettles their whiteness, at which point they begin to aggressively delegitimize it, while trying to subordinate the struggles of Black and Indigenous liberation to their white supremacist, left, social movement.

"This is not solidarity with the wretched of the earth. This is an attempt to maintain white supremacy."

when u are cuddling and it's really comfy but you need to get up challenge (impossible)

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