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Find out This Surprising Secret To Train Your Octopus To Do Your Taxes

one way that talking to retrocomputing enthusiasts is pretty cool is that it makes you think hard about the longterm survivability / adaptability of the current generation of hardware & software.

So its weird the build of from the with the kde patches seems faster.

I should put on my resume: Can install jack audio.

Remember those kids in school who SSSSSHHH'd at other kids who were whispering but their shush was louder than the whispering?

they're all call centre managers now

not sure of video is quiet or rain is just loud.. ether way forget closing the window.

I'm doing that thing were I build a web browser out of the aur for better desktop integration....

You can now watch my #LibrePlanet keynote (edited w/ slides) about how firms and markets have coopted the free culture and free software movement's most powerful weapon (mass collaboration) and where that leaves us. mako.cc/copyrighteous/librepla

Can we just occupy a ghost town and turn it into a solar punk territory?