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The ideal for both capitalism and communism is that everyone works for free, the only difference is that capitalists want to be paid for it.

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Interviewer: Whats the hardest thing you've done in your life?

Me: Exited

Modern monetary theory seems like a useful way to explain to pseudo-intellectual libs that money isn't real but also the way I've seen it mostly discussed is in purely capitalist terms where money not being real actually doesn't change anything. Like, once you know that money isn't real the reaction shouldn't be to continue prioritizing interest rates on investment loans. It should make you question why the fake thing we made up gives 8 people the power to control over 7 billion people.

Not all terrorists are capitalists, but all capitalists are terrorists.

tip to not fuck up your friend’s pronouns, especially if they’ve changed their pronouns recently: practice them when your friend isn’t around

practice your friend’s pronouns to yourself out loud. repeat phrases that you often say about them with the correct pronouns to yourself. likewise if they ask you to use a different name, say their name and pronouns to yourself over and over again. mistakes happen, but you can reduce the frequency of the mistakes by practicing



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thanksgiving psa:

colonizers don't get to make jokes about americans spreading plague as a thanksgiving tradition. i have no clue why you'd think its chill to make genocide jokes, especially at a time where indigenous populations on reservations are being decimated by C19.

give money to indigenous people and amplify their voices instead.

"Nintendo is using my open source project."

Cool. How do you feel that the time you spent on it is being used for someone to make money while not spending any to make it, your name just got found out 'cause someone was bored enough to read a long list of licensing notes and you won't even get a free console, no matter how much money Nintendo is saving by using your project and not doing it themselves?

Maybe you shouldn't have picked MIT. Just sayin'.

People need to learn to see the world as a positive sum game. Anything that benefits one of us, benefits all of us. Anything that disadvantages one of us, disadvantages all of us.

It’s that simple.

i'm thinkin it's good how the warners from animaniacs satisfy the perfect gender balance that three houses doesn't

there's three of them, they have three different genders. ideal

👾 Good news!👾

After bending down for google, they finally removed the stupid "Harmful software" warning from google's 'safe browsing' which is used by pretty much all mainstream browsers out there.

We did have to create a google account, verify ownership of the domain (meaning connect that account with and beg for forgiveness because of one public share link google did not like. There was no other way to do it which only shows how big players abuse their power.


have you had enough water recently?

Turkey seeks to sell ton of olive oil from occupied to the US.

Stolen from the people and given to the warlords and mercenarys of Turkey.

This is outrageous and the world should react accordingly.

So it's been a while coming but I'm finally losing my housing, soon. (Folk who've followed me for a while are familiar with my unusual work/housing situation, but it's... well, unusual.)

Looking for a new place for me, my partner, and our cat. Lots of mechanisms for securing housing aren't available for us, so if anyone knows of a person around the Triangle, in North Carolina, that'll work with us, please let me know.

(Boosts welcomed.)

website: are you 18 or older?
me: haha yeah sure i am
me: *remembers that i am actually 18 or older*

Look at these truly evil sponsored suggestions when you look up "iww" on amazon

duty calls, mh-adjacent 

@julialuna @maris made this long time ago, am still at it every night

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