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Seeing as I should prolly redo my

I'm Pancakes I'm a and I help run the instance as a .

I'm working to create the future we need to survive the climate crisis.

I primarily run on or but other DEs are good too. I'm not a fan of systemdisease.

Heres a block of the rest of my gay tags and stuff:

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ahahahahahahaha holy shit

brought to you by the people who call me a lazy shit and fire me for leaving on time and not taking my work home

I hate asking the question "do I like this?"
It never goes well.

We've been taught to worship men who sound like they know what they're talking about, and it shows.

*Steve Ballmer voice* 👏 Anarchists 👏 Anarchists 👏 Anarchists 👏

by endorsing discord, via advertising a discord guild for your FOSS project, you harm FOSS because you help them with their disinformation campaign that discord is a viable alternative to libre tools like IRC and XMPP

When you're trying to listen to trip hop when suddenly the Twin Peaks theme starts playing.

Don't mean to rush any couples, but if you get married this Saturday, your 50th anniversary will land on 4/20/69

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Still kinda pointless when on :artix: Artix because just about everything is in the AUR but maybe it would be good for a Devuan install.

what people think anarchists want versus what anarchists actually want

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