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The ideal for both capitalism and communism is that everyone works for free, the only difference is that capitalists want to be paid for it.

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Interviewer: Whats the hardest thing you've done in your life?

Me: Exited

when you banging a troop's wife: thank you for your cervix

Left unity except for tankies because they keep killing us :anarchismred: :ancom: :individualist: :trans_comm: :comrade: :ezln: :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

I have a netbook that doesn't have stickers on it. I should cover it with nothing but geocities buttons.

ladies, gentlemen, enbies. i now have proof that Valerie Morghulis is
in fact on the fedi

just look at this!

atheism hot take 

"All religion is bad" says the ex-christian who has never stepped foot in a temple, synagogue, shrine, meeting house, or mosque.

Imagine wanting to be racist but giving up at the first sign of any effort being required

realtime internet communication is overrated and often becomes an unhealthy compulsion. use molasstodon, the social network that's slow as molasses

imagine a better universe where bootlickers didn't exist and the term was used by people who do a sex thing instead

A lot of people however are going to get annoyed because of JavaScript.

- Because it breaks scrolling and site navigation.
- Because it rarely makes the site faster
- and often makes the site slower in practical use.
- And often it breaks in a number of browsers, for no good reason.

The problem with making NPCs is that you have to make sure not to give them protagonist hair.

"tsk tsk tsk, pathetic! A true Saiyen always support their trans and enby friends!"

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