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I don't create shit, I'm just the position where ideas manifest.

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The ideal for both capitalism and communism is that everyone works for free, the only difference is that capitalists want to be paid for it.

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Interviewer: Whats the hardest thing you've done in your life?

Me: Exited

mutual aid, pls boost 

Kane update: turns out the person that was gonna pay for a week only paid for half a week and he needs money for today, tomorrow and Saturday. To start, we need $95! Also if anyone’s in tevares Florida that could help house a trans man and his girlfriend that would be amazing, or if anyone knows of any resources for homeless trans youth in tevares that would be great too.
His cashapp is $KaneWoolard
Or you can send it on Venmo to @Claire-Graves-10 and I can Venmo to him.

I don't understand the fandom around mothman, I've read the book and seen the movie.

All of the kerfuffle over E2EE is because governments want to spy on people without them being informed about it. What they don't want to do is be out in the open about it and show up with a search warrant, leading to the potential for court cases and blowback. #ShowerThoughts

@zens @cadadr increasingly I find myself repeating "no more benevolent dictators"

Keep thinking about how I use the word "friend" mostly to refer to plants and non human animals.

When abusers in media die and don't get a redemption arc? That's good imo more abusers should die

I feel like I just had to block like 10 instances :( gonna sleep now.

I feel like if I made Xenia fanart it might attract the wrong kinds of people.

I guess I didn't really keep up on blocks while staying at my friends place the last few days. Gonna have to fix this.


this is very poe's law to me, i can't tell if it's satire or completely serious, but inflammatory nonetheless

the admin's pinned post is self-explanatory:


i started from the bottom. i'm still on the bottom but i started there too.

Why is openvpn support a pro feature for every vpn provider?

the function of 'welfare systems' in western countries is to punish poor people for being poor while instilling a sense of guilt and shame in them & a sense of superiority in people who don't need it

Kinda fucked how people can be pro military but anti police. They're the same thing they just operate on different sides of an invisible line.

missing person, please share 

my friend's cousin has been missing for a week. he called his mother and told her he was in crisis but he disappeared before she arrived at his location. please share on and off masto especially if you are in the DC area

Name: Ian Solheim
Age: 32
Missing From: Washington, DC area;
1000 Block of Lamont Street. Northwest I
Date Missing:July 28, 2021
Physical Description
White Male
Height: 6'3'
Weight: 185
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown

Kolektiva should close its registrations and start doing invite only. I just got a right-winger pleroma person who thinks Tusky shouldn't block Gab from there. This is why you never let your instance grow larger than what you can moderate!!!!

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