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I don't create shit, I'm just the position where ideas manifest.

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The ideal for both capitalism and communism is that everyone works for free, the only difference is that capitalists want to be paid for it.

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Interviewer: Whats the hardest thing you've done in your life?

Me: Exited

It is the system, rather than individuals, that is the source of pollution and degradation.
-- Alexander Berkman

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Installing ubuntu server gives a good impression of how good a text based ui can be.

Passing on from a friend of a friend -

Anthony, a queer Black man got scammed by a former employer, leaving his bank account in the negative. He needs to get his account balanced by 5/24/21 so collections doesn't hit him with extra fees.


Been a while since I’ve posted, but this needs to get out—

Guards at Green Bay Correctional Institution in Wisconsin Killed a Prisoner on Thursday 5/13. He and others on his tier were calling out to receive medical assistance and his medicines, but the guards did not act, and he died.

I wrote this up, since the news has yet to cover this. Because the DOC is not transparent, we don’t even know his full name. I was informed by a friend who is held on that same tier.

historical tweet 

on this day last year the pictured exchange occurred on twtr and made me laugh for days and days

Anyone have a recommendation for how to find a phone number for someone with only their name? All these people search websites seem like a scam.

Hey guys, so we're moving to TN on June 1st to avoid becoming homeless. We were offered a room by my husband's friend.

We need a little help getting there, there's some stuff we will be able to pay on our own, like gas and a hotel stay. Here's the things we need help with:

Uhaul: $480

Room Divider: (we will be taking his living room as our room) $100

Car Insurance: $200

My partner and I are both open for commission, donations are super appreciated and welcome!!

Links in post below

It's not that I hate my job. It's very tolerable. It's just that I have about 1 hour of work for every 4 hours of puttering around trying to look useful.

So many people, especially office workers, are not aware that spring onions are a natural source of rubber bands.

Not only do they make your breakfast snacks tastier, they also deliver office supplies at the same time.


Announcing Breadchain, a leftwing response to the blockchain space. Sign up here for newsletter updates!

Criticizing the actions of the Israeli government is not anti-semetic. Conflating the Israeli government with Jewish people is anti-Semitic. Attacking Jewish people going about their daily lives is anti-Semitic.

Boycotting Israeli businesses is not anti-Semitic. Boycotting Jewish businesses is anti-Semitic.

Not all Jewish people are Israeli and vice versa. It's a shame that this is something that needs to be explained.

If you're queer, but you're a cop then you're an honorary cishet. Hope this offends

My personal #mastodon experience still suffers from crossposts from #twitter, with user names that don't make sense in the #fediverse.

I can unfollow crossposter's accounts, but I don't want to unfollow everyone who boosts a twitter crosspost.

Please, #fediverse, let's boost the fediverse, not twitter. If we want to share a good tweet, let's treat it like any other URL from the web.

Me: we need a cat.

Girlfriend: you are a cat.

Me: we need another cat.


Society, in its infinite equality, will sentence a homeless man and a ceo to the same 10-week probation if either of them were to embezzle a million dollars.

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