‘meritocracy’ is a shit idea bc people don’t have equal access to ‘merit’

‘merit’ is an intangible quality that straight white dudes are basically assumed to have and that everyone else might possibly obtain with enough time and resources

bc we are not starting from a place of equality, ‘meritocracy’ results in gatekeeping and perpetuated exclusion out-group individuals

a better idea: people collaborate and support each other to mutually achieve individual *and* collective goals


@red The book Walkaway has a really good quote about this:

“If you do things because you want someone else to pat you on the head, you won’t get as good at it as someone who does it for internal satisfaction. We want the best-possible building. If we set up a system that makes people compete for acknowledgment, we invite game-playing and stats-fiddling, even unhealthy stuff like working stupid hours to beat everyone. A crew full of unhappy people doing substandard work. If you build systems that make people focus on mastery, cooperation, and better work, we’ll have a beautiful inn full of happy people working together well.”

@wuz @red
I don't see why the change in motivational goal has any influence on unhealthy behavior.
I find people doing things out of internal obsession are even more prone to doing it at the cost of their own health.

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