(White) Americans gotta get used to the fact that saving the world means we have to lose. It means maybe we don't get to have smartphones and VR until we can have them fairly and sustainably. It means not everyone is going to have a car, it means having seasonal food again, it means smaller houses and no more lawns and eating meat only once a week.

To save the world, those of us with more *have* to get used to having less. And we have to, have to, have to stop abusing brown people to have what we do have.

Also worth noting is that the sooner we prepare ourselves as a society to make these adjustments, the more of our current way of life we'll be able to sustain. Because if the Earth forces us to do it ...

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Fine with this. When do we get more specific about the segment of "We" which has the most power to accomplish it. Because last time I looked, individual actions alone just get us shit like Whole Foods-Azon and shelling out five cents for a damn paper bag because the suits no longer feel like giving them away. They do little if anything to curb corporate power on a national or global scale.

Well given that the people who hold the keys to power are the people least inclined to change things I'd say it's on us proles to organize, take action, civil resistance, striking, blockading government facilities, so on. The point of my post was just to make sure everyone understands that things are going to be pretty Different [tm] post-revolution. We aren't fighting for the right to keep this party going because the booze is about to run out.

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