When I say something like "intersection of free software, feminism, and solarpunk", I mean it with the deepest sadness that free software tends to be heavily colonized by righty tech bros.

Stallman was right, but he tends to not think that much about issues that aren't directly related to software.

And it's a great shame, because free software and copyleft generally are fundamentally very leftist concepts, that I'm sad to often see be dismissed by my activist friends.


@nindwen Yeah it sure doesn't help leftist adoption of new federated services when the early adopter userbase is all techbros

We got real lucky with Mastodon tbh

@wraidd We truly did. When I first heard about Masto, I pretty much wrote it off as another techbro-site that would die in a few months. But then apparently all the gays found this and it's now a really great place.

@nindwen Now if only the same thing could happen with Diaspora/Hubzilla we could all leave Tumblr and Facebook in the dust forever

And that is a thought that fills my clockwork heart with ... something like joy?

@wraidd It seems like technically Diaspora could have been great destination for tumblerers, but it AFAIK it doesn't really have the same existing culture Masto has.

@nindwen It doesn't, because it's not nearly as user-friendly as Tumblr is, so it's really only technical people who have gone to the effort. And Hubzilla is even worse in that regard.

Still, they're both so, so cool, and I really wish more people would make the switch so there's actually things to see there.

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