If you would love a cute disabled lesbian gushing about her wife while also pissing the shit out at the government and the oversights on disability benefits, you must watch this video.

[She does talk about difficulties with her condition (food, pain, executive disfunction, poverty) which may be triggering]


Was watching a Buzzfeed Ladylike video about moving and the professional organizer said "people don't change just because they buy new products" and I felt that.

(Video is just the clip of that moment because you shouldn't have to watch the whole video)

bodice diagnostic picture (lewd-ish) 

This is how it's currently fitting. About expected at the top but begins to ride up at the front hem. And, you know, the gap.

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Solidifying the outlines made it worse. I'm convinced this is gonna look like Vegeta's shoulder pads.

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selfie-video, ec, face paint 

The bf took me to the fair today and this was worth being covered in sprinkles for the rest of my life.

the debate around the word "bisexual" (1/2) 

I, in Internet years, am an elder who has seen the evolution of human thought (Or at least middle-aged) and I feel this way the most when I see people debating on the label for people who like more than one gender. (I'm attributing this conversation to the internet because I'm a forever-closeted person who can't seek out these talks IRL.)

So far I know of:
• Bisexuality
• Pansexuality
• Polysexuality
• Omnisexuality
(See pics for flags)

And the differences between them seem really muddy to me. What I've got is that some people are rejecting the bi label because they feel it reinforces the gender binary, polysexuals are attracted to more than one gender but not necessarily all... and that's all I got. Pansexuality and omnisexuality tend to get defined as the same thing, though some protest. (cont.)

Selfies, ec 

Went to my first drag show, so now I'm posting my first selfie[s]! Bad news: I botched my beard while trying to give myself a line up so I had to shave it all off. Good news: I rediscovered my jawline. Kinda forgot about it.

(sun elf femme clothing inspo cont.)
was also gonna base the priestesses clothing off of traditional clothes from Kenyan tribes (see below), but I'm not sure how to feel about that so I haven't made a decision.

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Sun Elf Clothing inspo - femme edition:

1) Common clothing - A Habesha kemis. Textured cotton dress with embroidery along the neckline, down the torso, the midsection of the skirt, and along the hemline of the skirt

2) Noble Clothing - An image of Princess Emma Bakayishonga of Rwanda. She wears a short-sleeve shirt and ankle-length skirt beneath a cloth drapped around her torso

3) Royal Clothing
- a] An image of the wife of a queen of Accra, originating before 1917, most likely Ga ethnicity. Similar to the clothing of the Asantehene: a patterned cloth drapped around her person somewhat like a toga, no chest exposed.
- b] A patterned maxi dress made to look as if it is draped fabric. Asymmetrical strap, excess fabric falling over one shoulder. (etsy link: etsy.com/listing/269997146/mon)

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Sun Elf Clothing inspo - masc edition:

1) Common clothing - West African (in this example, Nigerian) long sleeve shirt/tunic with matching pants. Shirt embroidered down the midsection and on the sleeves

2) Noble Clothing - An image of Lawson, king of Anécho [Aného] from 1933. Wearing an embroidered shirt with fine fabric sashed around his waist and draped around his torso

3) Royal Clothing - An artist's depiction of Asantehene Osei Tutu. Kente cloth drapped around his person somewhat like a toga, partial chest exposed.

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Stardew Valley is now out for Android and I will never be productive again.

There's been a lot of of D&D elf talk. Here is a cat sitting on my sheets of fused plastic.

The sub-Saharan Sun Elf write up continues (without a hashtag). I need some input. Despite it being very against sub-saharan African ideals, I want to make this genderqueer-friendly because this is mine and fuck the alternative.
There's this concept that was introduced in the official books recently: the "Blessed of Corellon" (full description in the pic). Yet, the notion of them having to *look* androgynous to be blessed feels weird. (Yet, they're elves so aren't they already pretty androgynous?) Any suggestions to make it more open?

It's been some time since I determined to grow some sprouted garlic and onions. I've put all of them in shallow cups of water to get some rootage in hopes that the ground would that out soon. Well, the good news is that the roots are here and plentiful. The bad news is that there's snow on the ground.
Either I have to freely acquire some soil and containers or hold out until the big thaw, whenever that is

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food, self care 

Me: *in bed, hungry and depressed*

I saw some of these forgotten onions and garlic while skulking around the kitchen. I think with these I am gonna take my first foray into raising plants. Please give me tips I am such a noob

I feel like I should have followed that up with Steven's joke face from "Together Breakfast".

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