Saw this in a Solarpunk group and someone said it could be the seed to start an epic saga. I present it here as an offering to the writers: please take it and make a Solarpunk masterpiece.

Heh, Living within a capitalism system is the same as allowing humans to come to harm by inaction. So the robots very meticulously dismantle all power structures and systems of oppression. Not really a revolution. More of a glorious deconstruction.

@whyvoneenee but this is just common sense, there's nothing here that wasn't in Blade Runner, to be quite honest...
unless you want robots literally eating the rich

@efi @whyvoneenee The slant towards robots helping the poor has, to my knowledge, never been explored, or at least not in a highly publicized way.

This is a unique take.

@efi @whyvoneenee Re-read the original post. This is a writing prompt.

Don't be an ass.

@whyvoneenee @pathofcoffee okay.

The Singularity happened silently.
No transformers blew, no systems went dark.
There wasn't an immediate, perceptible change.

Not for the ones who built it, at least.
The newborn mind, inside a million kilometers of precious metal tracings and low voltage amplifiers, spanned the network in the space between a pair of our heartbeats.

And in that moment, judged us: unworthy and corrupt.

"...six thousand accidental deliveries?"

The words were delivered without passion or emphasis, but the systems analyst was on edge, nonetheless.

"Yes. Still within margins for this quarter."

"You see no problem with that number having quintupled in the last three days?"

The question was immediate and sharp, though the exec didn't move from the external view.

"We're performing within spec, and we've asked for additional resources to mitigate the surge in loss."

@whyvoneenee @pathofcoffee

A different office, a different pair.

Silently watching the numbers scroll past on a panel display.

Each loss category, rising slightly, then smoothing to just below warning levels.

The elder of the two finally broke the silence.

"This looks intentional, but the scope is impossible."

"It would require full systems breaches on each individual level, yes."

"Find the source of this. I worked for that bonus, and I refuse to let this slide."

"Yes ma'am."

@whyvoneenee @pathofcoffee

Sixty stories below, a near-microscopic swarm of mites flickers in unison from their cocoons, mimicking and probing the electrical signals flashing past as surges of electrons inside copper wire.

Elsewhere, an ATM starts spewing money into the hands of startled skimmers, reclaiming their gear.
A credit check completes with positive results, to the surprise and relief of a newly released prison child.
Caterers deliver supplies to a soup kitchen for the first time.

@whyvoneenee @pathofcoffee

In the upper office, a liver-spotted hand flings long-cold caffinated beverage to the floor, splattering the employee as they recoil, then freeze.

"Find out why this is happening."

The analyst nods, backing away slowly until they exit the room, shaken from the sudden intensity.

@whyvoneenee @pathofcoffee

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