Why am I suddenly on here after a fortnight of not posting? Because I'm taking part in a strike on birdsite to raise awareness of harassment on the platform.

It has been stupidly hard staying off it all day. To distract myself I've gone back on DuoLingo, on a whim, started learning Greek. Every time I feel the urge to go back on birdsite, I channel the urge to DuoLingo. So far I've completed 5 levels 😂


@griffinkate channel that frustration into learning a language! that is the sort of optimism I love

@wakest It's not exactly frustration, it's more my stupid brain craving some kind of dopamine hit, or maybe wanting to go into a kind of scrolling trance. Duolingo meets that kind of requirement because it's so gamified that it feels like a computer game. Not sure if that makes any sense!

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