Never trust a person who says "a female" instead of "a woman".

My local Homebase has stopped selling seeds because it's closing down (but it is selling shitloads of Xmas trees and baubles). My local big supermarket has stopped selling seeds and replaced all the garden stuff with back-to-school-themed stationery. The shop that sometimes sells seeds has stopped too.

I'm coming to the conclusion that the easiest way of getting hold of basil seeds without a car is to let my existing basil plant go to seed and then harvest it.

I actually chucked out another plant earlier this week because I'm tired of how messy they look when they're going to seed. Regretting it now!

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In a world where capitalism always tries to rush us on to the next thing, the next season, it can be a radical act to just enjoy the season you're in for what it is.

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I was just wondering what the female equivalent of "bromance" is, and then it hit me:

We don't have one, because our concept of friendship already allows for admiring/really enjoying the company of/really caring about someone who is not in the category of people we want to sleep with.

Men don't have this concept, so they try to somehow link it to romantic relationships, because that's their framework for understanding strong interest in another person.

TIL about the concept of the "veil of ignorance" and it's very interesting/useful.

Basically: when you present people with an ethical problem, you tell them to imagine away everything about their own situation and assume it's possible for them to be *anyone* affected by the situation. People with this different perspective tend to make different choices and on first reading, it seems like they're making *better* choices.

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Very long shot, but can anyone on here recommend a company that supplies/fits blinds and shutters in Cardiff?

Last week I persuaded some of my family to watch RBG on Netflix.

In the opening scenes I was shocked by how much the actress playing RBG looked like her. Was it Meryl Streep doing her uncanny shape-shifting act? Glenn Close maybe? An unknown, chosen for her striking physical resemblance to the real RBG?

Turns out it WAS the real RBG and the film is a documentary, not a drama.

I was embarrassed because I'd never try to persuade people to watch a documentary when they're looking for a fun film to watch, but luckily it was really good.

Does anyone else feel like a completely different person as the seasons change?

At this time of year I am more relaxed, sociable, spontaneous, energetic. I feel like I can cope with so much more. I feel like the world is so much more full of possibility.

I never want to stop feeling like this, but I know the cycle of the year has to go round. I just wish there was a useful way to somehow keep a bit of this summer personality all the time.

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Also, this kinda came up, but not everyone using Masto/masto-like sites are tech savvy. Telling me to build my own instance or do _______ as someone who barely understand what it means and entails isn't useful.

Masto discourse is not accessible and some of yall are just hostile and annoying and condescending for no reason whatsoever.

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