Wondering why I hadn't heard about an event organised by an organisation I'm a member of...maybe because I can never be bothered to read the newsletter?🤦‍♂️

very trivial moan about films 

Soooo I found out recently that my dad also likes a telly show that I've been watching with my mum, and that he was watching it with her before it became her and my "thing" to do without him.

So I suggested, because she is happy to re-watch stuff, that they go back to the point where she stopped watching it with him, and watch it together until they catch up to the point where she and I left off, so then the three of us can start watching together.

They both agree in theory that this is a great idea, but every time I have an evening Zoom call and I suggest they use the time to catch up on this programme, they say "Nah, we thought we'd watch a film instead."

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asking for a tech recommendation 

Can anyone recommend a text messages app for Android that doesn't require access to my camera, body sensors etc and ideally takes up less than 370MB in internal storage?

Mine works fine, but I am absolutely SICK of every day getting a warning that it "won't work properly" unless I give it access to my camera, calendar and body sensors. It's a fucking SMS app. It doesn't need all that to function.


I've just discovered the existence of the "rusty spotted cat", the smallest cat in the world. If you like cats, do an image search for it. SO CUTE!

I dreamt last night that I went to a conference and met a guy who said he was an "anarchist therapist".

This apparently meant that he was an actual counsellor, but all the counselling he offered was "through an anarchist framework".

I'm still slightly confused but it's an interesting idea and I wish it existed in real life!

birdsite, identity, sadness 

I've just logged into my birdsite alt for the first time in over two and a half years. Huge unexpected life changes happened back then and I abandoned the account.

Not long before this, I changed my display name to a joke Hallowe'en name and tweeted that it was funny to me but nobody else would get it.

Yesterday I realised that present-me didn't get the joke either. It was a weirdly lonely feeling.

Today I websearched the name and finally understood the joke!

Maybe my identity isn't as shattered by past events as I thought it was. Maybe I am still that same person who made that stupid joke. It's hard to explain why this feels like a big deal emotionally.

Sometimes I feel like I have convos with my cat @FreyaKitteh, that sound like Sonny and Skippy talking.

FreyaKitteh: Miaow! Miaow!

Me: what's that Freya?

FreyaKitteh: Mew, Murrphhh, Miaow, miaow, mew mew.

Me: What, Jenny's stuck down the coal shaft with the last packet of Dreamies?!

FreyaKitteh: MIAOW!!!

Me: ok, better get onto it and rescue Jenny, sorry, the Dreamies...

FreyaKitteh: MEW!!!!!

*nearly sends me down the coal shaft as she weaves her way around my legs*

#cats #Skippy

very trivial moan about films 

I know this is a really trivial thing to moan about, but...

Choosing a film to watch with my mum and dad is a tedious process, because they don't like the same kind of films.

I share a lot of preferences with both of them, so it's quite easy to find a film that both my dad and I, or my mum and I, will like. But finding a film that all three of us will like is really hard.

That's not the moan. The moan is, almost every time there is a film that ticks the boxes for both of them, THEY SOMEHOW ALWAYS WATCH IT WITHOUT ME!

So when we're choosing films together, I come up with suggestions for films we'll all like, and they've almost always seen them already.

Last week we recorded a film that miraculously ticks all the boxes and I was looking forward to watching a film together without the boring discussions and rejecting of suggestions...but they've chosen tonight, when I'm on a Zoom social, to watch it without me. Grraaargggghhhh!

Folks who have tried any kind of mouth-and-nose-covering face mask, please fill in my short survey!


There have been 130 participants so far.

[ #survey #coronavirus #COVID19 #FaceMasks ]

request for tech advice (long shot) 

I've inherited a Kindle that hasn't been used for about 3 years, but I can't get it to switch on. Does anyone have any advice?

1. I think I've successfully charged it, because the charging light has gone from amber to green.

2. The screen is white and completely blank, but every now and then, when I'm not even doing anything, it flickers to black and back again.

3. I've tried holding the power button down for a minute but it doesn't seem to do anything.

4. It's a D01100.

American friends, I'm looking at a listing on Etsy for something I would buy from the US, and the shop is called MAGAholmes. Am I being paranoid to think this might be a Trump supporter? Or might it mean something else?

COVID-19, social distancing, masks, swearing 

It's starting to really annoy me that when I go shopping, I'm almost always the only person in the shop wearing a mask.

It's almost impossible to keep the recommended distance for the whole time you're in a shop, and it's even harder for the people who work on the till. They can't dodge away from you when their literal job is to sit there blipping your shopping and handing you your change.

Wear a fucking mask, you selfish fucks. I cannot believe the shops haven't already made it compulsory to protect their staff.

Replace all advertising with street art, murals and community noticeboards 2020. You can advertise your business only on the physical property you operate from, or specific exceptions for wayfinding signage. Everything else goes. Put up maps of local areas so it’s possible to find ones way around without online maps or any device.


Every now and then I tweet something about cavity wall insulation, forgetting that Cavity Wall Insulation Twitter is a thing, and then Cavity Wall Insulation Twitter is in my mentions for daaaaaaays. Then I forget all about it... until the next time.

quarantine, socialising 

I decided I need to stop hiding in my comfortable quarantiney cocoon and start adjusting to the "new normal" (whatever the hell that means) by learning to socialise again.

I have now managed to schedule two Zoom calls and a real-life socially distanced meetup for Sunday, and I'm feeling totally overwhelmed and dreading it all.

UKpol, COVID-19 

The general election was 6 months ago today, so the Energy Advice Hub commissioned me to look at the Conservatives' election promises on climate stuff and how they're doing:


The absolutely WILD thing is that they're actually ahead on certain things, like phasing out coal and boosting active travel. But this has absolutely bugger-all to do with any political effort and everything to do with COVID-19.

Me: Hooman. See this fern. It not happy. Too much sun. You move it.

Hooman: you are so right Freya, I bow to your plant knowledge

Me: Cool. Now, where's my Dreamies?

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