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IKEA is just an escape room with microtransactions

I treated myself to a pack of really cute rain-themed socks a few months ago, and now when it's raining I can cheer myself up by thinking that I get to wear cute socks.

(I am a themed-sock purist. My Christmas socks come out in Advent and get put away at Epiphany.)

In case anybody wanted to know: they replied to my email and the tubes are made of cardboard.

(Also WTF I was at an all-female event with a compass in a church hall and it WASN'T anything to do with the Girl Guides?)

And today I busted out the compass at the fashion show and people were genuinely excited to find out what direction the walls were facing...

so I guess a real physical compass is kind of a party piece?

Like doing palm readings, but for buildings?

One of the most awkward things about house-hunting has been calculating the orientation of the gardens. I'm fine with a small space, but I really want plenty of sun!

You wouldn't think it was that hard, but estate agents frequently get it wrong so you can't trust them or the brochures.

You can look on Google Earth/Google Maps but it's confusing and not always easy to get the right house.

You can get free compass apps for a mobile phone, but I've been staggered by how inaccurate they are.

But yesterday my mum brilliantly solved the problem by buying me an actual compass from an outdoorsy shop. I've already got obsessed with checking the compass directions of every place I go. Looking forward to trying it out during tomorrow's house-viewing!

I got tired/embarrassed of asking for cake so I gave up after a while and then before the event had even finished, the women who'd been hoarding the damn cake out of reach started stacking the plates and tipping all the uneaten cake onto one plate, presumably ready to throw away.

Why are baby-boomers so obsessed with stacking plates and so slow to actually share????

Like, you're in a circle and someone passes you the plate or whatever and you don't want any, so you pass it ONWARDS. You don't hand it back to the original offerer or just put it down where the only person who can reach it is you.

I was the youngest person there by over 20 years, so why was I the only one to get this?

Today I went to an event with tea and cake and literally nobody on my table got the concept of PASSING STUFF ROUND and the cake was in tiny pieces on a few plates so I had to keep asking and asking for people to pass me cake. I felt a bit greedy/rude but like: how did they not understand the basic concept of circulating serving plates? You learn it when you're a tiny child!

Hey, it's Pi day!

A couple of years ago I actually grew a pumpkin who's weight turned out to be pi

As Easter is coming up, I'd like to take a moment to say that bunnies are cute but also huge dickheads. They're rarely docile and cuddly and will absolutely destroy everything you love.

They live 10+ years, cost as much as a dog, and need a lot of time and attention. 75% of rabbits in the UK are neglected and many bought at Easter don't even make it to a year old.

Know what you're getting into, or stick with chocolate. bunny.nipple.solutions

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The website says their packaging is recyclable and derived from recycled materials "where possible" but is silent on WHAT IT'S ACTUALLY MADE OF.

I've emailed them but I really resent having to do all this WORK before I can give them my money.

This is a long shot, but has anyone on here bought Thrive cat treats? If so, can you tell me if the tube is cardboard like it seems to be in the pictures, or plastic?

(I really wish retailers were forced by law to tell you about their packaging before you buy.)


UBI without rent control / massive subsidized housing programs should be called Universal Landlord Income

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