UK bank holidays 

Now I've finally worked out what's going on with the bank holidays, here's my hot take.

Rearranging them so we get four days off in a row (spring bank holiday, Jubilee day, weekend) will just encourage rich people to seize the chance to go abroad. The press thinks we'll all be having street parties, but I reckon loads of people will be sunning it up somewhere else.

I'm trying again to contact garden landscapers, but the situation hasn't changed since last time. They're all so booked up that they won't even book me in for a quote.

Do I have any followers in South Wales, ideally Cardiff, who can recommend a landscaping firm I maybe haven't tried yet?


I read a tip for amazing naps and I want to pass it on!

To sleep on your back, try lying with a pillow under your knees.

If you're one of the many (probably the majority?) who finds that your back twinges when you lie flat, this is a game-changer!

I don't do it at night because I change position in the course of a night. But for a quick daytime nap, it's amazing. Try it!

Avocado update: I cut into one on Wednesday to test them. That's how I knew they were still green. Obviously the cut edge started going brown, so today I cut the brown bit off and actually ate the rest of it.

It was...OK. Still slightly too hard for my taste and about the stage where I'd prefer to wait another day or so. But at this point it's been four weeks!

Haven't eaten the other one yet. I'll probably wait until after the weekend.

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Heather is an old GAUNT Welsh dragon. The THIRD oldest of her kind. After eating her twelfth GRAPE she was able to EXERT herself and fly home from her Spanish New Year’s Eve vacation.

the words in all caps are the ones from yesterdays Quordle.
#tootfic #microfic #quordlefic

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My partner @gromit, has started making little stories out of the daily Quordle results. The capitalised words were the 4 that were the answer to yesterdays Quordle.

The earth's CRUST is QUITE thin. Scaremongers claim volcanoes can rise up anywhere, but geologists ALLAY our fears by assuring us this cannot happen, but if you hear a CLICK you should run.

#Quordle #Tootfic #MicroFic #QuordleFic

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@griffinkate I think you must have the mystical seed to the tree of life, which will ripen at just the right time to restore the planet.

rusty batteries query including pic 

Does anyone know if it's OK to recycle rusty batteries? UK-specific answers preferred; everything I've found online is from the USA.

These batteries in the picture have had some exposure to damp, which is why they're rusty. I don't think they're corroded from battery acid or anything like that.

Avocado update: I put them in the fridge before going on holiday.

Got them out of the fridge yesterday. They're still hard and green.

I can't remember exactly when I bought them, but I know it was either Friday 29th April or Saturday 30th. My thread on here shows that I was already getting impatient by Friday May 6th! Little did I know!

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Can anyone identify this plant? The context I have makes it clear it's South African.

UK bank holidays 

My usual Monday night Welsh class isn't happening on 30th May. I assumed it was because that day is a bank holiday, but just checked and it isn't.

The spring bank holiday, which I always thought was on a Monday at the end of May, is now on Thursday 2nd June, immediately followed by the Jubilee bank holiday on Friday 3rd.

Why are we having two consecutive bank holidays? Why can't we spread them out a bit? And why is my Welsh class on a totally different day not happening?

(To be fair, I dropped out of the class anyway weeks ago. I just like to look at the calendar and understand what's going on.)

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@griffinkate Is a SYNOD a collection of people who commit odd sins.

Just tried to sign up for a stock photo account with iStock, but they said I already have an account.

So I've done a "forgot password?" reset link. Turns out yes, I still have an account, and the linked postal address is for a house I moved out of in 2009. I can't believe they've kept all this data all this time!

buying new bin 

I recently bought a fancy dual bin/recycling unit. Because it's a high end thing, they make bin liners custom fitted to the compartments.

So I nearly bought some liners for the bin part of it...but the smallest quantity they sell them in is packs of 120!

I asked them on live chat if they're ever going to sell smaller packs and they said nope. So I wrote a review of the item, pointing out: "I probably fill one bin liner in about four weeks, so the smallest packet I can buy contains over nine years' supply!"'s now been seven weeks and I still haven't filled one bin liner. I can't be bothered doing the maths again, but that's getting well into the 2030s before I'd finish a "small" packet.

The bin did come with a complementary pack of 10 liners, which I suppose will last me around a year, and maybe in that year they'll listen to people like me and start selling packs that size. And make them biodegradeable.


I dreamed last night I went to a theological conference that had its own comedian to do the entertainment in the evenings.

One of his best jokes was "You can't say SYNOD without SIN!"

I was there to participate in a coding workshop, but I didn't get to do any coding. Every time I sat down at one of the bank of computers, someone told me I was sitting in their chair and I had to move.

If they're really this ridiculously slow to ripen, maybe I can get away with putting them in the fridge and eating them when I come back?!

I mean, a week seems like a long time to leave them but they've already had nine days at room temperature with zero change, so maybe it's not so unreasonable after all!

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Avocado watch: 9 days after I bought them, they're still hard as bullets. And I go on holiday tomorrow for a week 😭

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It's a tiny victory but I repaired a Nintendo Joycon this morning. In an age where we are constantly expected to buy and replace things, seems like a revolutionary act.

dreaming a far-fetched sitcom plot 

Just before I woke up, Peter Kay's screen girlfriend was still lurking in the crowd at the back of the bus, either waiting to hijack it again or just trying to get to her destination, I'm not sure.

And I was wondering how all this ties in with HER dream, which is to become a fashion designer.

But then I woke up, so I'll never know!

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dreaming a far-fetched sitcom plot 

I dreamed a new sitcom vehicle for Peter Kay. A bittersweet comedy about a man who really wants to be a bus driver, but the bus company keeps telling him there aren't enough buses, so he just hangs around the bus depot doing stuff like cleaning.

In the final episode, his girlfriend takes matters into her own hands. When a bus stops outside her house and the driver gets out, she hijacks it.

Unfortunately, how it then went down in my dream was that the driver returned and punched her and told her to get off. But instead she just went to the back of the bus and stayed on, calculating that he was already running late and wouldn't get out of his seat again to pursue her in case someone else hijacks the bus.

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