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Sharing my research on UK carbon emissions 


OK, can anyone recommend a site that would allow me to play a board game like Scrabble or Monopoly with someone in another country? Someone with limited tech skills? Boosts welcome.

Social distancing 

British phrasal verbs such as "to nip out" or "to pop to [a place]" trivialise the grave act of going outside and should therefore be excised from the vocabulary

coronavirus, police states 

I seem to have got roped into teaching Welsh over WhatsApp! The school has sent my friend's little boy some work to do at home that he's struggling with, and she can't help because she doesn't speak any Welsh. So we're going to have a mini tutorial tomorrow. Which is, funnily enough, when I'd normally be having my own Welsh class if it wasn't cancelled.

We'll see how it goes. If it goes well, I'd be up for doing more of this kind of thing. I'm trying to help my mental health by having more contact with different people.

panic buying, alcohol mention 

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panic buying, alcohol mention 

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panic buying, alcohol mention 

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panic buying, alcohol mention 

those people who freaked out and purchased 180 rolls of toilet paper for each adult and child in their household are going to be working that supply down for the next year and a half.

i hope they feel guilty and foolish every time they wipe their butt. pooping should become a solemn and contemplative time to sit with their sins. a one-person confessional booth,, but with a toilet.

Don't forget to dust your house plants sometimes! If there's a layer of dust on them they're not getting the light they crave!

I don't know how many times I've said this, but if your minimalist aesthetic means you have to buy a whole new one when any part of it breaks, then your minimalist aesthetic is bullshit. It's just performative consumer tribalism.

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silly history thing 

You cannot organize around despair, because despair is the idea that action is useless.

We had a note in the letterbox today (the whole street got it). Someone who lives nearby has given their phone number and said if you need help with shopping etc, call them and they'll do what they can.

Was heart warming to see. But this, and so many other similiar act of kindness, wants me to say to people, well done, that's excellent anarchism in practice. πŸ‘

coronavirus, UK advice for people on benefits 

@bram everyone banging on about "omg there's a baby button", that's for heating baby food. Just like the one for heating cow food and the one for heating fish food and the one for heating a stunning sunset over the ocean.

I really hope that microwave buttons evolutions are used in UX classes as an example of: what absolutly not to do.

Old microwave: set power then time

New shiny microwave: I hOpE yOu HaVe A pHd In FlYiNg AlIeN SpAcEsHiP :thinkhappy:​

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