I just misread "sea cucumbers" as "See, cucumbers..."

Yeah, I've definitely been back in South Wales for a while.

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In case anyone needs some good news...

Apparently the first direct train service between North Wales and Liverpool in over 40 years left this morning! They reopened a Cheshire line that was closed in the 1970s. It's taken five years but they got there!

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2019: The year we lactosed the intolerant

🥛 🍼

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Today, if everything goes to plan, I complete on my house purchase. I'm spending part of the day sorting out paperwork and part of the day studying for my upcoming exams.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much I have going on in my life. But also so grateful, because there was a time when I just felt like I'd never build anything resembling a life for myself. Grief can be like a heavy cloud and you can't see anything beyond it. You just have to keep going in the hope that there is.

Books I'm most desperate to read but don't know if they exist.

1) Concise history of domestic appliances.
2) Study of why British people have a great respect for the study of mathematics yet complete contempt for people who use mathematics.

Boost if this summer you've heard your neighbour using loud garden tools and been surprised because you didn't realise they had a 20-acre garden but the noise has been going on so long that's the only explanation.

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I've noticed lots of people talk about being "too busy" to take care of lots of things, and overwhelmed by stimuli (mostly digital) and yet people don't seem to have the discipline to put the digital device down. Seems like addiction - encouraged by a few usual suspects - on a societal scale & I think we need to admit it's a problem. Otherwise, (climate change notwithstanding) I fear we're headed for a sticky end.

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Today my mum rang from my sister's house (where she was babysitting my nieces) and just said, with no preamble, "It's a boy!" and I was like "aaarggh WHAT'S a boy has my sister been expecting another baby and I somehow zoned out on the whole thing???"

(Anyway, congratulations to Meghan and Harrhy on the new royhal babhy.)

(They turned out to be the daughter and granddaughter of the neighbour who's just died.)

Two complete strangers turned up at my great-uncle Brian's house and instead of asking who they were I offered them a cup of tea and basically what if they were just very relaxed burglars what is wrong with British people why are we all like this.

I've made two phone calls to an elderly relative this week and she's heard me perfectly both times. Maybe she's started wearing her hearing aid more often. Makes me feel so happy to have a real conversation, less stressed about visiting.

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