Herb focused first-aid or disaster response kits


I think they should really be carrying tourniquets and other trauma supplies though.

And here's a podcast episode the same people made

Image has a knife and medical supplies laid out on a floor.

Caught this pollinator (looks much like a honey bee to my inexpert eyes) in a squash blossom sunburst today

It's pickling time!
My cukes are zooming. I'm going to have double this in 2 days.

My chilis are starting to get some color! I'm very excited.

Anyone know what this vine is? Debating whether or not to pull it off this tree. It has white flowers too but I don't have a photo of those

Caption: two photos of a vine. One showing the leaves, one close up showing where the vine is growing into the tree.

Here's another eye spy. Where are the butterflies in the garden?

Gardens looking good. Beds of tomato's and peppers planted yesterday. Had some learning adventures growing from seed so the plants are smaller than I would like but that's okay let's see how they do

Wildplant bouquet I picked this morning

Can anyone identify anything in here?

Anyone know what this plant is? It's taken over (with some other things) an abandoned corn field in the eastern so called united states

Caption: a small plant with leaves growing in columns shifting from green to purple at the tips. It has pink flowers as well

Caption: a creekside forest with wild purple and yellow flowers blooming in a carpet

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