Hey if anyone has any examples of cooperatively/collectively owned and operated restaurants could you let me know?

Slightly urgent. Boosts appreciated.

@tulsi Alchemy Collective Cafe and Roaster in Berkeley! (cafe not restaurant but yeah they’re great!)

I recently heard Democracy Brewing in Boston is a cooperative.

@tulsi l'eau chaude in Brussels, Belgium.

Not sure if this is the continent of your wishes?

@wendy I'm sending them as examples to someone who only speaks english but thank you anyways!

@tulsi yeah, there's yelp stuff, but you find it in search engines with Eau chaude (means 'hot water's, because they used to sell it in this area) & Brussels, or Marolles. Very nice vegetarian menu in a touristy area of the city.
Their own website is offline for the moment with a database error.. 😶

@wendy @tulsi

The story goes that back in the day, not every house in Marolles had residential gas hookups. So ppl came looking for water, heated in a large copper pot by neighborhood grocers...

Cooperative born in 2014 from the desire of several folks to open a café, a project brought by a dynamic collective, l'Eau Chaude offers quality vegetarian cuisine and cultural activities... Today it includes about 100 coop members, a few employees, and numerous donors.

@wendy @tulsi
Rough translation... If ever you wish to find some sympathetic folks speaking both French & English, is the instance for you!

O.B. Garden Cafe, in the Ocean Beach section of San Diego, Calif. It's part of a co-op grocery that has been there for many years.

@tulsi Arizmendi in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s a bakery but they do serve food like pizza as well.

not what you asked for but relevant imo 

not what you asked for but relevant imo 


If ones that are no longer in business, Red and Black Cafe in Portland, Oregon was a famous one that lasted for a very long time. It was a worker-owned collective and an IWW shop.

IWW also used to have another collective called Back to Back Cafe, but that didn't survive very long.

De Peper is a "vegan organic culture kitchen" in Amsterdam


OCR Output 

@tulsi not exactly a restaurant but Rainbow Grocery here in San Francisco is a coop and is awesome

@pagrus @tulsi in the same vein: sevananda grocery in atlanta. they do have a hot food bar in there though

@anarchiv please feel free to share. I've definitely found enough for my purpose. But now I'm really enjoying hearing about them

@anarchiv which one? I'm getting the feeling that cooperative restaurants are more common outside the US.

@tulsi my hometown (Kiel) has one, Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden have lots of them, I haven't really checked the region I'm living in now but I know there have to be at least a couple of them. & the South is a strange wilderness to me. oh, but there are some cool ones in Vienna as well


I haven't figured out if "Co-Op Philly" is an actual cooperative. You'd think so, but the "Q. How can you tell if X is a Y / A. Don't worry, they'll tell you" joke doesn't seem to be in play there.

@tulsi not a restaurant, but a food store: rainbow grocery in san francisco. there's a group called nobaws that is a group of worker owned businesses

I went to two awesome anarchist run collective restaurant spaces in Istanbul. Komşu Kafe cafe (which I just discovered is shutting down next week which makes me want to cry and the other one I cant remember what it was called but it was a anarchist restaurant and coffeeshop.

There are a ton of places in berlin and mexico too I have been to. If someone makes these all into a nice list I would look them up and add them.

@tulsi Well this thread blew up and that is awesome and should most definitely be turned into a page in the sunbeam wiki.

@liaizon Yeah I'll definitely write something up for it!

@tulsi The Moosewood, famous to East Coast US vegetarians anyway, is collectively owned

Ironically, most of the restaurant's fame comes from the first cookbook, which was written by a sole author, basically screwing the rest of the collective by doing so.

@tulsi My nearby city has a cooperative food store with a cafe. Does this count?

@tulsi It's called the George Stree Co-op in New Brunswick, NJ

@tulsi "la stella nera" pizzeria in berlin, germany for example.

@tulsi hihi, I really enjoy that you got many answers. nice!

The People's Potato in Montreal is not exactly a restaurant, but they serve pay-what-you-can vegetarian food in places including a university cafeteria

@tulsi not currently operating, but Green Lantern Eating Collective, in Madison WI. Ran from the 30s to the 80s, through the whole red scare (they burned membership records) but were nickle and dimed to death by the FBI.

@tulsi members paid monthly for unlimited access to hot lunch and dinner, nonmembers paid a small amount per meal.

@chillgamesh @tulsi we try to! Every so often we hold a plated dinner to fundraise and bring the 1980s people out to talk about it (it incubated some of the city's first coop businesses, and was supported by the very early housing coop community...) but we haven't hit critical mass yet

@chillgamesh @tulsi nobody's been able to tell me if the name is related to Green Lantern the superhero, but I know GL has a cosmic utopian theme. The first issue predates the Eating Coop by one year, and we all know the left community is full of nerds...

@tulsi interestingly, the board at the time of founding was deliberately split into equal representation between stalinist anarchist, trotskyist, and one other thing... Ahh the old days.

@tulsi Black Star Brewery is a good one to look at because they transitioned to a multistakeholder coop -

@tulsi Lexington Coop (A market and restaurant), and BreadHive Cooperative. Both in Buffalo, NY.

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