Trying not to give into the temptation to run away to the mountains for a few days next month (for my birthday), for financial reasons.

Though after this month, I really need a fucking break from real life.

I guess I'm committed, my best friend is willing to tag along possibly if she can get the time

I've done the thing. I've booked the cabin. Now all i need to do is get us there and feed us and maybe get a RMNP entry permit.

If it's just me and Alistair, we might stick to nonpark trails and checking out town.

... I will probably not ride the cable tramway, shit looks scary

It will be just me and Alistair. Whoa.

I might try inviting mom instead, but she might not be able to afford to drive up even to meet me at my house.

It's okay. I wouldn't have booked it if I wasn't prepared to go alone + dog. Haven't solo road tripped in a long time.

Uurrrgh i want to go to RMNP but not if it will be insanely crowded. Plus national parks are expensive.

The drive was stressful for the last two hours (hello Denver), but it was so worth it.


No RMNP (which was actual reasonably priced compared to sequoia), because no dogs on trails. But we'll check out the national forest nearby maybe.

Decided I'm probably leaving a day early. Homesick and anxious. Plus the bed is hard as a rock. xD

Break from real life accomplished. It was nice to even just sit around and do nothing, because the urge to get up and do x chore or y long term house project couldn't be fulfilled.

And leaving home early meant I got to rest a day. Sunday was my birthday, so I sat at home and ate tacos.

Very good long weekend.

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