Today in the #AfricaDay, it is important to question which is the role that play by the large multinational firms within the continent.

Here, while many point to #Chinese companies in #Africa, the main companies of natural resources extraction are not Chinese.

... I might be coming round on this sparkling water trend.

Upon further inspection, a mirror hole has started on the other shoe, but has only just worn through the inner lining and started on the outer fabric.

I am apparently right pinky-toed.

There's a hole in the fabric of one of my sneaks. I think I'm going to try fixing it. Difficulty: it's under where the rubber sole has cracked and started to peel off. I'd like to preserve that as much as I can, because I can glue that back on.

If the whole world used mostly solar power and just sent a portion of the electricity west to cover places that are still using power after sunset instead of building batteries, would that huge cycle of power be enough to impact the earth's magnetic field? 🤔

@interneteh I'll be modeling the right side of the saw after this painting of the Oregon coast. I'm really happy with the way I did the blue green of the sea. hopefully I can mix it as well as I did there

Hooked up the antenna for the first time since we moved back in August because the weather was scary looking (hang in there, @teslas_moustache ), now I'm looking up the PBS schedule and they're repeating an Emma Goldman :goldman: doc in a couple of days

I just updated my shop! I have new patches, my newest jewelry set, and all my current finished poems up now!
I also have an etsy shop linked there, but that shop still looks pretty sad.
Remember, I love to barter, my commissions are open, and I take donations of any size!
If you appreciate the work I do for the community, or my art, or the things I say, please head over to my contact page and use the mess of donation links I have there.

@GwenfarsGarden @dan ah, thank you for clarification! I've found these too a few weeks ago, growing from a stone wall, and wondered what it was :) The German name is "Zimbelkraut". #florespondence

Some grassland flowers on a green strip between the main road and the bicycle track. In blue, we have meadow sage (Wiesensalbei, Salvia pratensis), and some ox-eye daisy in white (Magerwiesen-Margerite, Leucanthemum vulgare).

Also there was a fair amount of woodland pink (Stein-Nelke, Dianthus sylvestris). This species is protected under conservation laws and it is forbidden to remove it – but sadly I only found that out after taking one stalk home for speciation 😞


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Wow, didn't expect this kind of difference when I woke up this morning. Almost wish I had an extra camera sitting around for a time-lapse. Loving how corn flowers, it's so neat!

Gardening with a friend! She didn't help much with the tomatoes or beans, but she *is* very soft, so I think I can let her off ;)

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