*heelies past with a cup of tea*

I know I'm late but

*doppler effect as they can't stop* fuuuuuuuck 2020

*goes up to a queer couple* so which one of you is the good witch and which one is the bad witch

Hey; if you're in the UK and have disabled or poor friends, take a minute tomorrow to reach out to them, maybe plan something nice in the next few weeks? Friday could be one of the worst days of their life, make sure they have things to look forward to and, if you feel able, give them someone to talk to.

I'm just stuck staring at this thing. Every highway junction is getting replaced. It's decided.

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lov it when other people (more highly-paid, tenured people) want me to do their jobs for them

just suck it up buttercup

I always put dead zero effort into my office potluck contributions because no matter how little or how much effort I put into it, nobody tries my thing

The exception was the time I got in early and volunteered to bring the generic grocery store vegetable tray

*rubs eyes, yawns* Hmm... today I'm feeling moodily bisexual.

today in France we saw albatross, who are some kind of big marin birbs, who took down police's drones because they felt threatened by them. now social media is going apeshit over those and it's real funny to see lmao

I found a very angry friend in the bathroom today and relocated them outside. This is a different one than yesterday. The work bathroom is absolutely the place to hang out if you’re a lizard apparently

US friends, in case anyone could use the reminder I'm hearing that open healthcare enrollment is closing on the 12th of Dec! Get it while the getting is good!

Today's Gender Is 

Public Universal Friend

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