No RMNP (which was actual reasonably priced compared to sequoia), because no dogs on trails. But we'll check out the national forest nearby maybe.

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The drive was stressful for the last two hours (hello Denver), but it was so worth it.

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Cat posting, ec (from a cat) 

I don't think there are enough cats today.

Wow, Kansas! I'm actually surprised.

I mean, I'm still moving away when I can scratch together the money and a job, but it feels less urgent now.

Uurrrgh i want to go to RMNP but not if it will be insanely crowded. Plus national parks are expensive.

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Abortion rights 

Cool cool cool. We have a ballot measure challenging the constitutionality of abortion access in my state and I just got blatant misinformation in a spam text ("voting yes will protect choice"). Blocked and reported spam, don't know what else i can do

It will be just me and Alistair. Whoa.

I might try inviting mom instead, but she might not be able to afford to drive up even to meet me at my house.

It's okay. I wouldn't have booked it if I wasn't prepared to go alone + dog. Haven't solo road tripped in a long time.

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Gross, bugs, but also kind of cute and cat related? 

Cat tax. From a different, less buggy day

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Gross, bugs, but also kind of cute and cat related? 

Zevran was in the open window this morning but came rushing over to cuddle when I sat on the couch.

I got to the office and discovered I was covered in desiccated bug parts.

He gave me presents! X'D

Hey, today was better. The heatwave has broken here, no one was mean to me at work (even mildly), and Al's flea medicine is on its way.


Somebody was mildly rude to me at work, and that was the straw that led to a forty five minute meltdown in an empty office. Jfc

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when i was a small child my brother gave me a floppy disk of a game called punkman which was a clone of pacman where the power pellets were beers and the protagonist had a magenta mohawk and the ghosts were soap. it ran on classic mac for sure, maybe also windows 9x? i wish i still had it. alas, it is lost to the ages. if anyone knows this game and has it and can share it lemme know

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