We want more than just queer bars or queer bookstores.

We want queer community spaces where there isn't an expectation of making a profit or purchase.

We understand they can't exist in our current society where profit is needed for survival but we can still wish for them and a society that would allow them.

@thecoven I liked this space that used to exist here where there was only one rule for money involvement; "if you have a job, you help pay. If you're a student/underpaid, that can be waived."

@thecoven it is my dream to own a nationwide chain of something like a library just to be another place people can just “be”..

Maybe communal housing and chill space idk

@thecoven A friend of mine who sued our city last year in order to host a pride parade (We're about to have a second one!) Is working on plans for an LGBTQ community center for an architecture project!

I think it's so cool and she's amazing and I hope they actually use her plans.

@thecoven I don't think it requires the pursuit of profit. Rather, they need just enough revenue to get by.

Business can be more about profit. Your life style can persist with good business practices. Keep the money coming in so that revenue matches expenses, and you'll do fine.

@thecoven additional note: build and operate on a volunteer basis. I offer my time to keeping spaces open all of the time with little intention of getting paid.

@thecoven You can create spaces like this out of public spaces if you occupy a consistent spot in an organized way. After not too long everyone will know that if you want to just hang out with other queer people you can go to a specific spot in the park or the library or whatever space you've chosen.

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