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applying for jobs and they wanna see my freakin birth chart... why did i even apply at this fortune teller's hut nestled between two office buildings

Weed picture 

no one:
not a single person on this platform:

There are Two anine avis inside you, ones a racist and the other is trans

would be fucking great if people realized that "cw eye contact" meant "mark image as sensitive or use the full CW feature"

Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Self Agency the Wise? It's not a story that Eugen would tell you.

who's responsible for creating a safe, comfortable environment where people feel they have the support to speak out however uncomfortable the situation might get? 


You can remove a gamer's essence by:

1) defeating them 3 times in a row in a game of their choice

2) forcing a rage-quit by insulting their set-up

3) grand theft thumb

"Desperate for Affection" is my new band name.

Promotional, drawn nudity 

When that press release says:

“In keeping with the legacy of the trailblazing women who founded the Minnesota RollerGirls in 2004, Minnesota Roller Derby is committed to empowering non-binary people, gender expansive people and women to thrive and build a community around camaraderie and social responsibility.”

I can honestly tell you it's not just consultant-y marketing-speak. I mean, it *is* that, of course, but it’s not *just* that.

It’s the actual prevailing attitude in the league today.

What if we all just started LARPing a new society the way we want it twenty-four seven and just see what happens

you can get away with a lot of stuff if people like you


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