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It's so incredible to see a generation that wants to be old someday.

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No matter how badly you fuck up, just remember that you weren't the guy who started saying each of us is solely responsible for our survival.

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another day well spent flickin the ol string bean in wombyn-only spaces

One of my coworkers is a devout Muslim who's /mastered/ the wave of consciousness he rides on, if his intuitive guess about why my friend called me at 3:30 am to talk about god-knows-what holds up. She hasn't told me anything yet, she's not really ready to talk about it enough, but what I've gathered is either very telling or me jumping to conclusions, and lines up.

Either way, the point is that people like him remind me that I'm blessed.

blasting 100,000 gec's as i block

change dot gov petition to compel the democratic primary winner to get a black flag tattoo and start hormones

"Manners maketh man," and so many of us are in fact goose.

Blood, subtoot about needing blood to make a man, joke that does not hold up but pretend with me 

Clothes do not, in fact, make the man. It is more complicated than that actually. For example you need blood.

can’t believe it’s national pet an enby day again

The insurrectionary army is here to seize your mentions in the name of the revolution

okay lads it's time for me to talk about my literal, actual, most-hated thing in modern media storytelling, because as a writer, it straight-up torpedoes half the stuff I might otherwise enjoy because of how ubiquitous, inane, and cynical it is: the 'Third Act Perceived Betrayal' plot twist

today i got paid to calmly & patiently beat an excitable child at chess 🙃

These Hot Singles Wanna Do Nothing But Listen To You Ramble About Trading Card Game Lore

the cia should really stop doing coups in south america and stick to teaching chefs how to cook

Reminder that coops flourished during the great depression, being one of the few reliable sources of employment, and that credit unions were by and large the only financial institutions to make it through the '08 recession unscathed

Supporting the cooperative economy isn't just some long-term fantasy of slowly weakening capitalism from within until it withers. It's also vital dual power, and it'll be just as vital even if neoliberalism collapses in the next few years (which it very well might)

Support! Your! Local! Coop! Economy!

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