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Leaving Facebook meant losing Spotify eventually, and it had only just started sending me real underground SoundCloud refuse.

I've been rebuilding for less than a month and my Discover Weekly already has songs like Elon Musk is Making Me Sad by the Rentals.

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night sight on my phone takes some neat pictures. wish my dslr could do this (the photo is actually brighter than it was seeing it with my own eyes)

Socialist parties and candidates need to specifically address racism as the root cause of capitalist expansion.

Poverty, food access and destruction of the social safety net in the US are a result of corporate interference in policies and initiatives created to help people in need. We know why.

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can we as a society finally acknowledge that touch screens are worse than physical buttons in most applications

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"go hang a salami" is just "I'm a lasagna hog" spelled backwards

Fediverse, I has resource needs that I hope you can help with. I'm looking for books, websites, zines, etc about working together, as in cooperation-related social skills. This can be geared towards any age group, but I'd like it to be very community-building, working together, focused. I can find a lot on businessy business business crap, which is not necessarily unuseful, buuuut not really what I'm going for. plz&thx 💚

#homeschool #unschooling #cooperation #communityBuilding

*bites clean into a pack of cigarettes* yeah i like folk punk, why?

amplify trans voices on trans issues, thanks

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Coverage of our protest provided by @wxyzdetroit. Happy to report a no deportation day. We'll be back out tomorrow supporting the Iraqi Christian community at 7 AM, 333 Mt. Elliott, Detroit.

#AbolishICE #NoDeathByDeportation

Mural by Vela Velasquez in Las Cruces, New Mexico in memory of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

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