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No matter how badly you fuck up, just remember that you weren't the guy who started saying each of us is solely responsible for our survival.

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We're watching the movie Mute, and I wish I knew about it sooner.

One of the best things about my household is that hanging out involves muted fighting games and music that's either super chill or super weird.

gender re: can't believe I have to say this but someone has to so it may as well be me 

@j997922 how many talk shows do you need. there should just be one and the host shouldn’t be funny. they should be mean, and the goal should be humiliation. i want a new roster of cheaply paid hit actors every year. none of this “respected and properly compensated for their craft” garbage

the vaping ban rules because people will quit looking like dweebs

picking up my kindle, logging on to the book store e-website and typing in "beff jezos." no more will i give A Fuck

turning a big dial that says FLIRT INTENSITY on it and constanty looking back at the audience for approval like a contestant on The Price is Right

talking to nobody specific 


changing my job title to gender repair technician and you cant stop me

selfie, me in ghostly costume for a play i'm in, boosts rule 

queer/trans religion (christianity) positive 

im adding u//w//u to my vocabulary in bottom autumn 2019

why u need wifi when you can stare into your wife's eye? 🤔

i’m drinking a grape monster and it tastes like a vat of dangerous chemicals thinking about a grape

the fediverse will never replace twitter and that's a really good thing because then it would be twitter

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