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It's so incredible to see a generation that wants to be old someday.

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No matter how badly you fuck up, just remember that you weren't the guy who started saying each of us is solely responsible for our survival.

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the coverage of the coronavirus in the mainstream press fucking sickens me. there's an epidemic where people are dying and the press is concerned about how the stock market is reacting

capitalism turns people into such fucking ghouls

putting on my hat that says WHATEVER HAPPENS and my sunglasses that say HAPP ENS on the lenses

i cannot find the old post where i said this so i'm gonna write it again:

everyone intuitively already knows that the economy is already planned. it's centrally planned in boardrooms of massive corporations to get the largest value for their shareholders. this is why you can google and find nerds excitedly speculating about marvel movies that will come out in 2025. it's only when we're asked to think about it that we revert to the grade-school propaganda idea of the market, supply and demand, and capitalism as something that just "happens," without conscious outside prodding.

the difference between capitalism and socialism isn't central planning, it's that under socialism the planning serves the needs of the whole population, rather than increasing the profits of a tiny few.

I think it's not even visible in mobile apps so I'm just posting it here again but click the link if you want to know more or see the bigger version.

#RogerScruton #portrait #mastoart

Any recommendations (personal experience, things to read, whatever) about creating and maintaining Mutual Aid Funds or Solidarity Funds?

One of my friends and I started conceptualizing our trans social circle as magical girls, and it's a very fun tool for self-examination.

If I can dissect the intricacies of men who look like me but also abused me y’all can take the time to stfu. You are not qualified. If it were as simple as just saying “get fucked” we already woulda done that so quit acting like ur Kobe takes are dropping any kind of knowledge on anybody.

Black love also did not escape the Slavers influence. White propaganda stripped Blk Men and Women of their respective gender associations and birthed the trope of the weak impotent Black husband and his overbearing brow beating hyper masculine wife. That trauma would be responsible for pitting Black men and Women against each other to this day.

Black hyper masculinity was a backlash and act of reclamation. And you see similar arguments to dehumanize Black men because of that reaction to inter generational trauma like y’all’s ancestors aren’t responsible for it.

i need to go look at a mountain for a long time

Cool way to be annoying *and* racist: saying "I haven't seen any of that" when I comment observations about how whiteness interacts with PoC in contemporary society.

No ones dismissing Kobe’s past. We’re pointing out how selective and un-nuanced y’all’s outrage is.

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