I think this is the first time I've legitimately started a fire with a flint and steel.

I also used some char cloth I made a really long time ago and some dryer lint.

Just found this USB floppy drive and a floppy disk containing some pretty bad writing from when I was in high school.

"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel."

Gonna try and get some weather satellite images tonight. SDR is set for 137.1000MHz and the satellite will pass over at about 6am local time.

Last time I tried to get SSTV images from indoors it didn't work so well. But that was from the ISS. We'll see how it goes.

Attempting to build a dual band j-pole antenna. Put up my 2 meter 1/4 wave ground plane antenna in a temporary spot while I build this other antenna AND figure out how to run coax cable into my house.

I activated a couple repeaters 30-35 miles (48-56 kilometers) away using the ground plane antenna using just a 5watt Baofeng. No one on the other end, but I got a good automated signal back.

Oh, look. A nice and sturdy folding utility knife. That's handy.

Too bad it would've cost the company a fraction of a penny to put thumb studs on both sides of the knife, or make the outsides of the scales mirror images of each other so you had the option of switching the belt clip to the other side. That would've been...bad for the investors...or something. Clearly the only option was to do is put up a middle finger to 700 million lefties all over the world and continue to inconvenience them with dozens of daily minor annoyances like all the other companies.

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I like to think that once we abolish capitalism, everything that gets manufactured will be ambidextrous.

I can't remember what these are called - Crystal Coral, I think? We didn't take any, but they're supposed to be edible as well.

They remind me of chicken feet in appearance, but I guess they are really more similar to coral. They're white and growing out of a log.

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Went hiking and foraging with my friend yesterday. We found a lot of different kinds of mushrooms. We took some of these Chantarelle mushrooms home and sautéed them with onions. They were fucking delicious. I mean, just so goddamn good.

So my 3D printed broke, but I made some bracelets, so not a total loss. I'm printing another slingshot at 100% infill. Better luck with that, hopefully.

All the paracord craft stuff is kinda funny to me. It's all "military" "tactical" "survival" bluh but like, dude, you're making jewelry. Chill out. It's like macrame for men.

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