Hello, new people! Welcome to the Fediverse.

It's a great place if you want to have conversations with human beings, or follow some funny or informative bots.

It is not a great place if you want to "ratio" each other, "build your brand", or be an "influencer".

If you are hoping to participate in an attention economy, you will eventually become very frustrated with this place.

Fair warning.

Also, doom-scrolling isn't really a thing, just because there's no algorithm to suggest that because you clicked a link about forest fires you might be interested in earthquakes and flooding, or whatever.

at least in my experience.

So if you find yourself getting bored because there's nothing to panic and disassociate over on your screen, like. Maybe take an introspective walk or something. Drink a glass of water about it.

Not gonna guarantee that'll happen to any of you, but just try to take care of yourself, alright?

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