"when I privately brought my concerns to @blackcatlitmag
about their unethical business practices of asking designers to pay for the chance to do work for them, I was told I was being withdrawn from @solarpunklitmag
which is edited by the same person."

@teslas_moustache well shit that's disappointing. I don't think there's a way to walk back a kickstarter donation but I'm gonna look into it. Thanks for the heads up. :/

LB : for anyone who backed the #Solarpunk Magazine kickstarter, you might want to check out what's going on. I trust Margaret to have the facts straight, but will also be looking at other sources.

Following up on the #Solarpunk Magazine / Black Cat Magazine, here are two birdsite links to a statement from the co-editor of both :

and a followup from Margaret :

@mars I honestly didn't even see it. Now I see that they've deleted their account.

@teslas_moustache following this, it seems that in rapid succession black cat...

1. announced that they were out of business because of "bullying"

2. went on the offensive against people querying their behaviour

3. protected their tweets; then

4. deleted their twitter account

... mm hmm.

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