Good morning, comrades! The temperature here is 33.3°F and Clear with 82.0% humidity. The nearest storm is 11 miles away. Ozone is 303.9 DU. The average Air Quality Index is 24, which is considered Good. It will be Partly cloudy throughout the day. Snow (3–7 in.) on Thursday and Friday. Remember, drink plenty of water, eat something that's not processed junk food, and stretch before physical activity. Solidarity, and have a good day!

We have now Saturday. There was no Snow around yesterday and before. Also are inches only allowed for gas and water pipes and threads on that, and wheels and tyres.

@wauz I saw some frost on the roof tops this morning. We'll probably get snow this week.

Yeah, I wish we used the metric system, but it's not a fight I'd be able to win.

Metal workers use metric for some situations. So do machinists. That's all I can think of.

I am a metal worker. Standard length description is mm. Cabinet makers, carpenters and builders use cm.

@wauz Yeah I don't know why metric kinda took hold in metal work in the US. Maybe the raw materials are more internationalized? Anything dealing with wood here is going to use Imperial. Electrical doesn't have to worry about it. All the important measurements are based on metric units anyway. Gas and plumbing would all use Imperial.

ISO-metrics. Very useful with CAD and so on, because decimal numbers.
In my army time, I got to help vehicule maintenance (though combat personell) and we had Coke Canisters (M113).
You first get mad and then insane with all that odd spanners...

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