It’s a small thing, but learning to change the firmware on my printer has been a great experience. If I could have this kind of access to all of my devices it would be a game changer. It feels like less of a mystery, and more like something thats mine.

@wanderlustking I'm probably gonna have to do this because I bought a kinda shitty printer

@teslas_moustache what did you get? Im rocking a monoprice makerselect v2 myself.

@teslas_moustache I'd never heard of that one before. Looks similar to mine in a lot of ways though. Should be a cool printer to upgrade as your needs grow.


@wanderlustking Yeah. It's supposed to get here today. It didn't come with a heated bed, so I got one to put on it. I've also ordered a pair of MOSFETs because the 12V power supply won't be able to power that and print at the same time.

And after I print a cube and Benchy, assuming everything works, I'm moving straight to printed upgrades.

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