Found out all you gotta do is use a can opener to take the tops off soda cans like this, and that has opened up this kind of project for me.

Alright, we gots , , , and planted in this soda can vertical planter thingy. That's the first pic.

In the second pic, it's a mesh bag with some flowers and leaves I took from the back yard. You can make the flowers into a tea, and you can eat the leaves. Supposed to be pretty good for you. My friend who knows things about medicine says they have some sort of antiviral properties.

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@johnpierremaeli I've seen a lot of DIY projects involving cutting the tops off of soda cans over the years, but nobody ever explained *how* to cut them off. Turns out it's just a fucking can opener. :facepalm: the normal way.

It's gonna change muh life.

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