I put some seedlings in the ground yesterday. I'm worried that it's still too early for some of it. I put leaves over the top of them to try and keep them warm and moist, hopefully uninteresting to critters.

The bottom two beds are what I have done so far. The middle one on the right is going to be my Three Sisters bed. It's definitely too early to put that stuff out yet.

Might move that Cumin to the back bed.

Nothing in that big tilled section yet. Hopefully that's where the Amaranth will be comfy. It's very shady there though.

@teslas_moustache I’m also doing Three Sisters. What varieties are you doing?


This is what I have from Fedco. I also have some of this...what is it?..."jewel corn" or something, that I'm considering putting in there. That's all it produced a couple years ago.

I'm also sprouting some pinto beans from the grocery store...which I'm not super confident about, but we'll see how it goes.

@teslas_moustache very nice. This is what I have (which I purchased before I learned that Baker Creek are apparently fascist sympathizers or whatever... go figure)

I wanted to do indigenous varieties from as close to this area as possible, so hopefully it’ll turn out good

@alpine_thistle @teslas_moustache Nice!

I think we were all blindsided a little bit by the Baker Creek revelation. I've been substituting with Seed Savers, personally. It's worked out well so far.

@edebill @alpine_thistle The thing about Baker Creek is news to me. This is the first time I've actually ordered from a catalog.

The scallop squash looks like it's gonna be effin' delicious, btw. Best of luck with it.

@teslas_moustache @alpine_thistle they host an annual festival of organic/native/heirloom growing. They invited Cliven Bundy (on of the Malheur Refuge takeover organizers) to come talk last year.

@edebill @alpine_thistle oh, fuck. I didn't put it together that they're the same as I bought a fuckin' catalog from those dicks.

@teslas_moustache @edebill yeah :| I got their catalog and a gift card from my SIL/BIL for Christmas

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