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@teslas_moustache I haven't been on Duolingo in so long. I found the Greek course to be lackluster and I kinda quitted. I have never finished the Esperanto course either, preferring to just chat.

@ChaosSkeleton @teslas_moustache
hey, the Greek course gets pleasantly wistful halfway through, though not as bleak and depressing as Duolingo Russian

@anarchiv @teslas_moustache yeah but that doesn't change that the course sometimes presents you with stuff you've never seen in notes (yet) or that sometimes the audio is not clear so it's hard to understand what the person is saying.

@ChaosSkeleton yeah I definitely have the advantage of only using it to get back into it @teslas_moustache

@teslas_moustache @ChaosSkeleton
I had six years of ancient Greek in school, first began learning modern Greek for my students' exchange in 2007/2008, always kept close ties to that country and its strange and excentric people.

@teslas_moustache @anarchiv because I thought I'd be fun, and their characters are nice and I want to visit Greece one day (also Iceland, there both my main objectives). I've always had a want for countries no one speaks about. For example, Romania. No body speaks about it, I'd be down to go there and see what's up.

@ChaosSkeleton @anarchiv yeah, I get that. Just saw a short video about Kazakhstan last night: apparently it's the most ethnically diverse country in Eastern Europe: who knew?

@teslas_moustache @ChaosSkeleton
I knew people from there, it's a fascinating place. As for Romania, I wanted to go there last year but didn't have enough time during my journey.
All of former Yugoslavia is super interesting as well.

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