Voting is only the second most ineffective form of political action.

The first is whatever the fuck XR is doing.

@teslas_moustache I get where you're coming from and XR deserve a lot of criticism but the protests created a huge spike in public concern over climate change.

They've also had a lot of effect at the local level - Camden Council are trialling the citizens assemblies that XR have been calling for.

@lazarski my toot should be understood as 100% snark.

But that's good info. Didn't know that.

@lazarski I guess I could have reversed them, and it would've been just as funny in my mind.


But it's hard to tell what will work and where.

"Ecuador reaches deal to cancel austerity measures, end mass protests
Indigenous people led demonstrations that brought country to a halt"

But look at the fail in Catalonia. Or I'm mistaken. What's your plan?

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