News orcs are saying that striking GM workers make $250/day while on strike.

That is because they have a strike fund.

That is why they pay dues to a union.

So they can put money in a strike fund, and support each other in emergencies.

What the fuck is wrong with you.

OCR Output (chars: 1129) 

Please don't believe what the media is telling you. Its

Just a little bit of information for the general public
about us, General Motors employees and Union

1. We do not make $63 an hr

2. We do not make $90,000 a year

3. We are not lazy

4. We do not sit on our butts and drink beers on our
shifts at work.

5. We are not crybaby’s

6. We do not make $250 a day while striking.

7. We make $250 a week, before taxes while on strike,
in which we have to picket in order to receive.

8. We pay unions dues and money is put into a strike
fund out of our pockets for said strikes.

9. We are striking a billion dollar company who can
afford to give us workers a better living, who can hire
the temps that bust their butts off every day like full
time employees.

It’s hard for me to read these media articles, that
spread lies about us. That make us out to be just lazy
crybaby’s. And the hate that comes from the public
along with it. We have a union, so we can fight for a
better living. #KeepMiddleClassRelevant
#UAWGMStrike2019 #PowerlnTruth
#PowerlnNumbers #Repost #JoinAUnion

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