You are either fascist or anti-fascist. There is no in-between. Fucking pick one.

If you think you're neutral, you're just complicit. You're a patsy, a collaborator, and no better than an out and proud white supremacist.

Fash discourse 

@teslas_moustache talking heads keep saying "now i'm not saying ____ is fascist BUuuut" disclaimer and that's just rrr that's cowardice.
Call them fascist, if they're notably fascist enough to get an op ed on your youtube channel, call them tf out idc about your comments section (obv if ur trans/black this isn't at you).
And like, now is the time to start calling folks out. If they aren't fascist, they'll change whatever made you call them that. If they are, they'll show you and you can take action accordingly. Stop being soft with your usage of fascist, you're falling into a conservative talking loop.
If there is a nazi at the table with 10 friends, that table has 11 nazis.

Fash discourse 

@canary we also need to shut down the language-warping semantic bullshit. "I'm not a white supremacist, I'm a white Nationalist." Fucking shut. It. The. Fuck. Down. You're addicted to the paradox of white victimhood and white supremacy. There will be no end to the scapegoating once whatever "problem" you identified has been removed or eliminated. You'll just pick something else, but never your precious hoard of wealth.

Stop falling into these obvious traps.

Fash discourse 

@teslas_moustache yeah, i heard out the argument for not calling everyone nazi, and I get that, it is technically inaccurate.
But also, it still has a punch that fascist doesn't quite have. They're both pretty powerful. And we shouldn't hold back from language that actually causes shame in those circles. They don't want us to call them nazis, they was us to call them nationalists or whatever.
So call them nazis to their face and then refer to them under a more specific category when talking to comrades about strategy and information.

Fash discourse 

@canary oh yeah. Another one is "you just think everyone who disagrees with you is a fascist!"

That's not true. There are also Maoists, Trotskyists, and liberals.

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