I've had this idea in my had for a while for a soda bottle net pot.

I don't have anything to test this out on, but if any of y'all have a setup where this could work, try it out at let me know!


The top of the bottle is cut off, and two inverted 'T' cuts are placed on opposite sides, allowing four "wings" to be folded out. These wings would rest on the lid of a container of hydroponic nutrient solution, keeping the bottle suspended. There are several holes drilled in the body of the bottle to make it porous.

And with the top of the bottle, you can make a little hat for baby plants so they don't get cold, or some sort of wind turbine, or decorative pinwheel, or something. 🌱 🍍 ♻️ :herman: 🤷 Yay !

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