Made a little aro flag by needle felting felt sheets together.
It came together pretty quick and im pleased with it. Ive added a brooch backing to it as well

Id love to make up some more. Gonna do an ace flag next. Any suggestions for what to do after?

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If you or anyone wants a felt flag pin or patch let me know!
Im bored and want to make stuff
For more intricate designs i can only do sew on patches cause theyre larger.
I can mail it to you anywhere in 'canada' or the 'us'
I dont have all the colours of felt sheets so i might not be able to make it. But i do have lots

@tty hmm... i havent got blue or pink felt sheets. But i do have roving into those colours!

@changeling @sunflower_avenue Posted elsewhere in this thread. Go to the top post and scroll down.

@drwho ooh! What is the cyborg pride flag? Im not familiar with it

@drwho ooh! So pretty
Idk if i can do that as a felt pin since its much more detailed

@sunflower_avenue We could trade patches if you want! i have a few easily done designs, like the eye, the solarpunk one, plants...

i'm in europe tho

@eclecticGob ooh!! I adore the lets decay patch so much

Id love to do a trade! Is there anything ive made, patches, felted stuff, invasive jewlery... that youd like?

@sunflower_avenue Yeee! Well your fleece patches are really cool, and i think i could do with a NB patch if you have the colours... Or maybe your vine earrings, the concept of invasive jewellery is so amazing :3

And i just checked, i still have enough fleece to make you a decay patch 🌱

@sunflower_avenue the aroace pride flag has cool colors! I just recently learned that there is one

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