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Felt like doing another intro style post

I'm and and i care about it so much. I have soft spots for building irl community (although thats on hold), uncovering history and aro politics (trust me, everything is connected to amatonormativity)
I'm interested in and
I've been learning about and how to remove them. I'm in the pnw so the main culprits are Himalayan blackberry, english ivy and morning glory. Clearing those to help restore the environment a d create public space has been my biggest pandemic project.
I also care a lot about and . I'm still learning tons but i find myself generally having an perspective.
I'm working to learn more about white supremacy, colonialism, decolonization and anti racism

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i'm in new orleans now, today i helped put in a raised garden bed next to @liaizon 's treehouse at litter bay

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Quite happy with my first lake pigment watercolors. Made entirely from scratch 😊
#handmade #watercolor #wildcrafting

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Hot chocolate. Enough for everyone.

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Thinking of making up little pots of lemon balm to give away
Since i don't have the woods just there, I've been wandering the alleys looking at plants. And I've been finding tons of lemon balm.
I've got some plant i found in one of the demolished lots.
Just gotta decide where to get soil. I could grab some from the pandemic patch. And some from the garden beds as I prep them for planting.
Ill pot them up and let them settle in (aka some of them wont survive cause i fucked up pulling out enough root)
Would people be interested in that?

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Yesterday a year ago is when my boss/landlord started destroying my garden because "COVID is over;" within a couple days things escalated to their brother-in-law threatening to kill me and my partner.

Local white anarchists were too busy antagonising and surveilling us for our anti-colonial stance to offer any aid.

But a couple anarchists of colour stepped up and helped us relocate what plants we could, before my boss could haul them away themselves.

Luckily! Someone here in the Fediverse happened to live in an adjacent city, so me and my partner moved before things could escalate further, but we had to leave behind most of our stuff (from bowls & spoons to furniture to books, to the rest of our garden)

It also meant we suddenly stopped being able to host what we called the "cottenboro free market," where we distributed out free food from local gardens & bakeries and stuff, as well as gave away whatever else we got given to share.

Since then, we've been trying to figure out how to integrate ourselves into the local anti-colonial tapestry. We're not at the little crossroads of our town anymore, and that tbh made a lot of things p easy!

Its looking more and more like we're going to focus on being part of a decentralized network of nurseries (you can read more about this sorta stuff from lobelia commons down in bvlbancha, we don't have relevant material yet)

We've got other stuff we're working on, but building up stock of perennials that'll thrive in this region seems to be where we're naturally focusing, as we shape how we spend our energy to what's going on around us.

I don't think I have a point here except to share a bit about what's going on and how we got here; I've gotten a lot of new followers recently that probably don't know that the GAZ is having to rebuild after fascists & apologists ran us out of town.

And I think not knowing that maybe leads folk to expect more... coherence or development from the project than is really feasible, given our past experiences.

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Level 10 ecologist: Plant trees to help climate change
Level 50 ecologist: Restore ecosystems with large predators so that tree saplings can grow naturally
Level 9001 ecologist: Release lions on golf courses

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Mystery plant:

Thought it was a Dandelion at first and then realized it just can't be... Any suggestions are helpful. There's a few possibilities on what it could be from Wild Lettuce to Sow's Thistle.

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Dear corporations: "Yes" and "Not Now" are insufficient options.


Embroidered a little yarrow plant!
The flowers aren't up yet and I'm only just getting to know this plant, but its so pretty!

Gardening people,
Any good 101 resources on mulching? I'm super curious to try using dead knotweed canes for it. But, I'm not much of a gardener and frankly don't really understand how mulch is meant to be used.
I'm hoping to get some veggie starts in a few weeks and plant them out. I guess the idea is to loosely layer the mulch around the plant (with some breathing room) to help keep it warm and moist. But how much should i add? And when should i add it? And do you use it in herb gardens too? And when is it a bad idea?

(This will be closely monitored and a small experiment so don't worry about the knotweed spreading, I'll be keeping a very close eye on it)

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People in LA Took it upon themselves to paint crosswalks at dangerous intersections around schools and parks

Then the other day the city brought heavy equipment to grind them out to remove the paint

Can anyone help me understand how people see this shit happen and don’t become anarchists

Also I think only grandmas should be allowed to operate any sort of heavy equipment from here on out

There's a few empty lots in my city. Theyve been empty for years. Im guessing most of them are old gas stations (hence the lack of development)
But i can't stop thinking of their potential. Park and rides for transit, housing, public washrooms, community gardens.... it seems so odd to have these lots sit vacant.
I keep imagining doing some guerilla gardening in them.

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Today's #florespondance is a volunteer squash plant with blossoms off a back corner of a shopping center parking lot.

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Working on mending some memade blue linen pants. The original linen is so thin and cheap (I think this might have been a wearable toile from 2017 or so) that I ought to just chuck them, but I kind of love these pants so I’m just practicing my patching skills on them. There are at least three more holes so this’ll give me something to do tomorrow, lol. #sewing #sewingclothes #mending #mendingmay #fiberarts #fiberartsfriday

Got the gnocchi. Got home. Cooking up now and realized there isnt any leafy greens for a salad 😓
Guess this will a starch heavy meal

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Making dinner for the roommates tonight. Kinda nervous cause it's my first time.
Im making a butternut squash soup. Which is nice but its actually a super sunny lovely day, so it feels out of place.
I was planning on making browned butter sage gnocchi as well. But id have to run to the store (just around the block) especially for that. (Aka someone ate one of the ones id bought previously so there isnt enough)

Also been grabbing bits of mint plants (and what i think is oregono) from alleyways to build up a little herb garden for the back porch (beside the kitchen)
I keep my eye out for spreading untended patches and grab a bit with roots. So far ive found tons of lemon balm

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