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Felt like doing another intro style post

I'm and and i care about it so much. I have soft spots for building irl community (although thats on hold), uncovering history and aro politics (trust me, everything is connected to amatonormativity)
I'm interested in and
I've been learning about and how to remove them. I'm in the pnw so the main culprits are Himalayan blackberry, english ivy and morning glory. Clearing those to help restore the environment a d create public space has been my biggest pandemic project.
I also care a lot about and . I'm still learning tons but i find myself generally having an perspective.
I'm working to learn more about white supremacy, colonialism, decolonization and anti racism

hmmm... 🤔
im probably gonna use ace week as an excuse to vent all my angry ace (and occasionally intermingled aro) thoughts and feelings.

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Celebrating some gardening progress - the garden in 2020 before I tore out the ivy and pulled up the weed suppressant membrane, versus the garden now.

Its !
I'm not in the mood to do the 101 stuff but if anyone wants resources i can send those your way
If you've got question about asexuality, i am, as always, happy to answer them. As long as you don't ask about my personal sex life, and ask with the desire to learn, everything is a-ok to ask.

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happy #AceWeek! i'm celebrating by wearing my crochet aroace jumper, and of course my ace ring.

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Ace Week 

It's #AceWeek :asexual_flag:
I’m starting a series of threads mostly talking about myself; I don't want to do an Asexuality 101. I'm not quite sure if I just selfishly want to get some things out, or if I want it to be an more like an educational look into my mind/life/feelings.
I do know my perspective is very limited, and the ace community disproportionately white.

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Today I want to share this mini documentary (+- 15minutes) about aces in Aotearoa. I think this is one of the better done short documentaries about aces, showing us just as a group of very different people with unique histories, experiencing life all in our own way.
[With CC/subtitles]

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It’s the first day of #AceWeek and this year’s theme is “Beyond Awareness”, which suggests that simply affirming that we exist is not enough.

We need to be more than just a symbol, a flag, a letter in the acronym. We need to become an integral part of the community and of the broader society. We need to fight the assumptions of allo- and amatonormativity, and we need to see our allies show up in our support.

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Unfortunately my job schedule prevents me from organizing much for this #AceWeek. I will point out good articles and materials during the next days, and I will probably write a few toots and threads on the topic.

I’m also open to answer any questions about #asexuality, so don’t be afraid to mention me with your queries!

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Behold. A memory frame. A woven tapestry of ferrite cores whose polarity can be switched using electrical charges, thereby storing bits of information.

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Ace Week 

AZE journal is a very cool online journal about ace, aro, and agender things with all kinds of art an writing by aces, aro's and agender folk. I think they are amazing at showing different perspectives and amplifying the voices of BIPOC aces, I know the creator and lead editor of AZE (Michael Paramo) also thinks this is really important. The recently did a volume on masculinity and coming up is an issue centering disability.

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Watch this. Work to understand it. Talk about it with your associates that you need to.

I have been called genocidal by white leftists in the Fediverse who now advocate for Leninist land reform, and I see their posts boosted by folk who should know better by know.

So watch this. Learn better, know better, do better.

"Why should white leftists, who are clearly still enamored with white supremacy, be able to go to Black and Indigenous spaces and demand a solidarity to a movement that is not extending a jot of solidarity to them?...

"For the left-wing white supremacist, solidarity is not the neccesity to support your comrade in their liberation, but the demand to subordinate them to yours... and if Black people have the gall to disagree, then they're denounced as wanting to genocide white people.

"Decolonization for these settlers, these left-wing settlers, was limited to the metaphorical sphere, and solidarity couldn't be extended to anything as materially dangerous to white supremacy and settler-colonialism as LandBack...

"Solidarity is extended right to the point it begins to challenge settler-colonial social relations, and then the moment it does - that solidarity is renounced, and the denunciations begin...

"We see this so clearly with [white people] in the online left, who claim to support decolonization up to the point at which it unsettles their position in society, up to the point it unsettles their whiteness, at which point they begin to aggressively delegitimize it, while trying to subordinate the struggles of Black and Indigenous liberation to their white supremacist, left, social movement.

"This is not solidarity with the wretched of the earth. This is an attempt to maintain white supremacy."

Sometimes im surprised how invisible my ivy removal work is.
A few months after ive been through a space, the footprints and accidentally broken branches are no longer noticeable, the ivy leaves have browned and it looks as if it had always been that way.
I think of a lot if this work as a tactile learning and exploration. I knew that this land was tended and stewarded by indigenous people in a way invisible to settlers. What settlers saw as untamed wilderness was actually carefully managed and tended land.
Ive done all of this work and, unless i tell them, very few people will ever notice. Its become very tangibly clear the amount of labour that can hide in a conception of wilderness.

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Anyone know anything about translations of Octavia Butler into non-european languages *other than* Korean, Chinese, & Japanese?

:boost_ok: #translation #SFF #SciFi #OctaviaButler

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Found an anthology of indigenous SF in my library! Most of it is excerpts from novels, and they had to pull from a wide time span (1978-2007). The book bills itself as a first-ever anthology of Indigenous science fiction, published in 2012.

It also acknowledged that "magical realism" is where SF/F written by people from non-european backgrounds often gets filed.

Story list in the image description because that allows more characters LOL

I have a few books and authors to look up now!

I think i found a zellers bolete! Still not confident enough in the id to eat it though, although they are apparently edible.
I got overly eager and started taking it apart to take a look before i got any pics.
But its the first bolete ive found!

More mending! I've been really enjoying using these jeans as my mending experiment ones. I only really wear them out in the woods or around the house, so i feel totally fine if i mess something up and it turns out ugly.
Theres a piece of fabric underneath this. I cant remember what it is but its seems like a heavy cotton

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Artemisia absinthium, l'abisnthe, aloïne, l'herbe sainte, l'herbe aux vers, armoise amère.

Vivace pouvant atteindre 1m50.

On l'a utilisé dans des spiritueux, lambics, et vins. En Angleterre au 18ème elle remplaçait parfois le houblon pour la bière.

Fermenté ont l'utilise comme insectifuge et fongicide - ses bouquets secs éloignent les insectes et acariens.

La plupart des variétés d'absinthe contiennent de la thuyone ; c'est pourquoi elle est dite modérément toxique.


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Alton Gas, which has been harassing and causing trouble for #Mikmaq people in #Wabanaki regions, was officially decommissioned.

Persistent, unrelentless ¨MOQO¨ against the colonizer wishes Really. Does. Work.

P.S. We are celebrating on, too, which is still having the damnedest time federating posts here!


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i think if u delete ur cookies in firefox it should show the fox eating them

theyve been working so hard they deserve those cookies

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