"I am tired of fighting my friends. I am tired of trying to convince them that I matter as much as their romantic interests and partners. In many ways who we choose to love is also a decision of who we invest in, and who we distribute the resources necessary to keep one another alive—including care.
We can stop politicizing desire when we stop distributing our love and care based on it"

Romantic Love is Killing Us: Who Takes Care of Us When We Are Single? by Caleb Luna

Shout out to my aro and otherwise platonically-aligned friends this valentine's!

Celebrating with some bees and homemade (no-sugar) strawberry shortcake. Hot diggity damn.

Shout out to my other friends, too! I love y'all. You make the world a special place.

Also my cat. You're special too.

Don't forget, if you're on a Mastodon instance and there's something going on that you don't like, you can add a filter

Settings > Filters > Add new filter

Okay I’m actually really mad at Tootdon for not supporting image captioning and it is insulting and ableist as fuck that only some apps have image captioning on iPhone. It’s destructive to the culture of this website, and rude as fuck to your friends, who aren’t going to get as easily noticed for their disability as you think.

Consuming media as an aro person is hard. Even if the ending is good, I spend the whole time bracing myself for the message that love is happiness, that a life without it is tragic, that it's what makes us whole. And sitting there scared that I'm going to leave feeling empty is terrible. And maybe the ending is good and doesn't fall into all of the above, but I still held my breath the whole time, worried that, yet again, I'll be told I'm sad, inhuman, incomplete.

I’ve been attending Quaker meetings for a few months now. They do a round of introductions after announcements. I started including my pronouns in my introduction and proposed that they add it to the standard piece.

I’ve had two other young people start doing it and two older people who are really involved in the meeting (which gives me hope it’ll catch on).

And today they included a “you can share your pronouns if you wish” in the standard preamble and I’m just so happy!!!

aro culture is never ever using the red heart emoji. instead you only use the yellow heart💛 (for friend love) and the green heart💚 (for aro love)

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reminder: you get to decide what your aromanticism means to you. you get to decide what makes you aro.

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A life of leisure where the only struggles we face are the ones we choose to take on, and our time is spent making art, love, philosophy and science, unburdened by judgement or lack

Gentle reminder that being "self-sufficient" and a "self-starter," and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and even just living on your own and expected to be able to do everything for yourself, is actually a highly unnatural state of affairs for human beings which only became the norm in a small number of countries less than a century ago.

We finished our #AceJam2019 game! "Ace Systems Go!" is a short (and free $) visual novel exploring themes and experiences of #asexuality and #relationshipanarchy. Downloadable for Win/Mac/Linux. 💃


Nonamory: A lifestyle choice or relationship style that does not include intimate, long-term partnerships, whether romantic or platonic.

Nonamory is a word that came from communities. but i certainly don't think it's a term exclusve to us

I think of it more as an approach to relationships that isn't monogamy and also isn't polyamory (which are so often presented as the only two possible settings)

@socalledunitedstates It's from the tarot series for Tactics Ogre. The artist is Akihito Yoshida.

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