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I'm really interested in aro parenting. Like, what would it look like to be aro and a parent?
Or, more broadly, what does it look like to raise a child outside of an amatonormative relationship?

Any and all stories and dreams very much appreciated!

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The elusive dinosaur riding dinosaur.. It's the latest in dinosaur mobility, for at least 50% of the dinosaurs..

More at

#dinosaur #riding #figurine #sculpted #ceramic #mastoart

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"Several efforts are underway to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada. The problem is that homosexuality was not decriminalized in 1969. This is a myth. The reform added an exception clause to the crimes of buggery and gross indecency that allowed queer sex in private between only two adults. This merely recognized the obvious; the state could not access the bedrooms of the nation using these provisions. At the same time, police forces across the country mobilized to charge queer people not only with gross indecency but also with other sections of the Criminal Code untouched by the omnibus bill, including indecent acts, vagrancy, and the bawdy-house law. When viewed from the perspective of queers and their interactions with the justice system, 1969 was a turning point, but not towards a more progressive society. Instead, it facilitated the recriminalization of homosexuality in Canada."

so Jonathan Van Ness declares that he's nonbinary and prefers he/him pronouns and accepts she/her but he is not a man.

in other words:


I had a bitchin time at Milwaukee Pride Fest this weekend! I can't believe I found a celibate pin, I love it ✌️ #pridemonth #pride #acepride #asexual

fuck fuck fuck
i slept in till 6pm. And i went to bed probably around 12-1am. so I slept for 18h. and i don't have any 'reason' to.
i've been very sleepy lately and often sleeping for 10+ hours. So i guess it's time for another doctors visit to up my meds.

After a brief exchange with @InspectorCaracal I made an ace flag version of my pride butterflies with much more emphasis on black! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!

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