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Felt like doing another intro style post

I'm and and i care about it so much. I have soft spots for building irl community (although thats on hold), uncovering history and aro politics (trust me, everything is connected to amatonormativity)
I'm interested in and
I've been learning about and how to remove them. I'm in the pnw so the main culprits are Himalayan blackberry, english ivy and morning glory. Clearing those to help restore the environment a d create public space has been my biggest pandemic project.
I also care a lot about and . I'm still learning tons but i find myself generally having an perspective.
I'm working to learn more about white supremacy, colonialism, decolonization and anti racism

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Creating a list of queer songs without romance or sex 

So I've been working on making a list of queer songs for aro ace folks and anyone else who would like songs that don't include romance or sex to listen to

I hope it's clear I'm not saying those things are bad, just sometimes it's nice to be able to see yourself in songs that don't have things that don't represent you or make you feel uncomfortable

You can view it here:

#aromantic #asexual

I worked with another lovely person to put together a presentation on aromantic competent care.
It's targeted at people working in the mental health field who want to be better equipped to work with aromantic clients. It doesn't presume any knowledge of aromanticism and starts with some aro 101.

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Running, foraging 

I ran home from work today. Don't ask me why. It was slow.

On the plus side, I tasted a few Himalayan blackberries from the tangles along my route, and wow they're sweet right now. 43 days of no rain and mostly sunshine, and the plants are all, fuck yeah let's make sugar!!! Going to have to do a berry picking day soon, I think.

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why are colonizer countries loudest about foods they stole? tea in england, chocolate in belgium. fucking tomatoes in italy and spain.

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(selfie, eye contact)
i finally finished the top i knit so obviously needed a moody selfie with matching lipstick

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i'm really looking forward to reaching the age that i'm no longer considered "sexually viable" because then i can call anyone i want "honey" and they won't take it as flirting no matter how straight they are.

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I've got a series of blog posts going into the structural details of different knitting stitches. Today I posted an explanation of the structure of m1 (the increase that involves lifting and knitting the bar between two stitches on the row below.)

#knitting #FiberArts #FibreArts

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I needed a belt so I made one with an old T-shirt!

I really like making T-shirt yarn and I'm not great at crocheting much more than a straight line so this is a great project for me lol

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Umbel of a wild carrot (Daucus carota). The dark little flower in the center is believed to attract potential pollinators. According to Wikipedia, studies have shown that wild carrots with the dark flower removed are visited less often by insects.

#nature #plants #photography
(photo: @kernpanik | license: public domain / CC-0)

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If you missed it, I made a 30 minute game called Bolo’bolo and it plays better not on a phone. There is a character named Rowdy Boy Jim who is potentially crucial to the narrative if that sways you.

I don't know if any of these tensions have solutions or if there are answers to these questions. I don't believe I'll find any soon. So I'll continue to work in the tension, explore it, and accept the discomfort it brings as a central part of the work.

At the moment I'm trying to map out those tensions. To see and understand what they are and how they pull me. To decide where in them I want to sit.


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There's the continuous uncertainty that the work I do is a useful good. Perhaps I am causing more harm. In removing ivy and blackberries, I have undoubtably dug up and chopped native plants and destroyed home and food sources for native birds. But yet I continue to do it out of the hope it does more good than harm.

I live and work in an affluent neighborhood. To what extent am I just making more comfortable the lives of those who already benefit from the systems I want my work to actively oppose; colonialism, land ownership, capitalism, white supremacy...?

The way the pandemic patch both is and isn't mine. I hold no ownership of it. There's no gate, no barrier to restrict access to only those I choose. But yet it is mine in that it's my responsibility. Can I individually make choices over common space?


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There's a series of tensions in the land work I do. Questions I want to ask but don't have answers for. Ideas that seem and often even are contradictory.

My gardening and invasive removal work is rejection of the authority of 'official' channels. It's a rejection of the colonial authority of the city over land. But, at the same time it's an assertment of my own white settler authority to shape the land.

My exploration of the uses for invasive plants is a way of seeing the gifts they can offer. While my removal work is about the harm they do and represent.

My land work is continuously wrestling with the line between authority and responsibility. Who am I to make changes to the land? Who am I not to?


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I made dungerees from a pile of old jeans!

(Yes, I don't like showing my face)

Looking for software recommendations

I'd love to track the ivy and other invasive removal work I've been doing. But i havent found a good tool to do it with yet

What i'd like
- ability to mark both points and polygons
- a way to associate some notes with the different polygons and points (things like current status, interesting observations, surrounding plants...)
- a way to attach photos to the different areas so i can easily look at how things have changed
- ideally free, although thats not a deal breaker

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I have a few reflections and advice on the 5-year anniversary of coming out as transgender:

1. The best piece of advice I got: "Your transition belongs to you." There are no true rules in this. You don't even have to transition, and you certainly don't have to transition to anything established, or understandable to anyone else.

There are no objective body schedules or social milestones. You are free to make up WHATEVER you want. And you are free to push for your standards to be respected and assisted. Transition belongs to you.

Outside of hard-and-fast medical numbers and safety guidelines (real physical safety, not gatekeeping bullshit), you'll encounter invisible rails attempting to direct your experience. It's alright to oppose this, and to call them out. But the core of your experience is your own, and that can't be taken away.


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First tomato harvest of the season :blobcatmelt:
Yeah, I know, six tomatoes are pretty much ridiculous but they're from our garden, and they're from our seeds too!
No plants bought this year, except from 4 aubergines and 3 zucchinis. Everything we managed to collect was born from seed or root. Right now we're still far from self sufficiency, but the path is the right one. We will make it!
@plants #gardening #florespondence

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Here is the poem "And the days are not full enough" by Ezra Pound:

And the days are not full enough And the nights are not full enough And life slips by like a field mouse Not shaking the grass.

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Is anyone out there involved in a mutual aid tool sharing library, current or past? I'm talking with some folks about organizing one and we have some logistical questions. (please boost!)

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I'm on three email lists that have active mutual aid tool sharing, though there's no centralized library and no accurate inventory.

My neighborhood list on email started with an in-person gathering and collecting a list. There is historically a surplus of aluminum extension ladders, better to borrow from a neighbor than to buy.

There's also a list affiliated with a local makerspace that's been good, & another list of ham radio club members good for sharing.

old school, email.

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