Can't have anything resembling a pleasant environment in this place. As if the autumn isn't short enough, they have to ruin it barely halfway through

B盲ttre sent 盲n aldrig:

Tunga myndigheter nobbar Teams av s盲kerhetssk盲l

Allt fler myndigheter s盲ger nej till arbeta i Microsoft Teams eftersom svenskars personuppgifter kan hamna hos amerikansk underr盲ttelsetj盲nst. Samtidigt planerar Microsoft att flytta molntj盲nster till Europa.

Aimlessly made a thing because I was looking at pictures of Common Swifts and noticed how often the silhouettes form a partial circle 馃寲. It made me think of a sun rising above the horizon as seen from orbit, but I'm not sure what I ended up with 鈿 鈿

Finally got new vessels for my Boba Feet! Was eyeing these a year ago and couldn't believe my luck when they were there again this year.

I can't believe I just got to say hi to this beautiful thing we've been indirectly feeding

Way to show preferential treatment,

岬兯∷⑨祾 岬冡禌岬冣伇恕岬冡祰恕岬 岬掆伩 恕鈦扁伩岬標

I have a local gemsite! So far so good. Now I just have to leave this unpublished and unfinished like most of everything else I've ever worked on.

Impulsively felt like drawing so made something simple in 15 minutes with Krita.

About a year ago I drew my character, Korrus. Unfortunately his first and only adventure was never concluded as the group split for reasons unknown to the autist.

It's one of the very few projects I've ever managed to "finish". I was lucky my quasi-hypomanic hyperfocus lasted an entire week+. If only software projects could be finished in that time.. I might have been of more use to society.

Sunbeam City 馃尰

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.