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Where do you go to read news? I usually have to avoid news due to anxiety, but I also don't want to be isolated. It's also pretty much impossible to avoid biases in news sources. But how to stay somewhat informed without wading into lots of sources for hours, accidentally reading anything and everything? Maybe there's no easy answer to this, but what do you usually do?

Every time we get a little insight like this I think that crows are probably a lot smarter than we even give them credit for now but that we foolishly try to understand animal intelligence through the lens of human intelligence so it'll take us a long time to figure out how smart they really are.

It's often assumed that because Twitter has a larger userbase than the Fediverse, that accounts would automatically get more followers there.

However, many accounts (especially FOSS projects) have more followers here on the Fediverse.

Some examples (as of 26th July 2021):

@fdroidorg has 10.8k vs 7.33k on Twitter

@k9mail has 1.57k vs 680 on Twitter

@Minetest has 1.39k vs 785 on Twitter

If you know any Libre projects that are yet to join the Fedi, please ask them to give it a go!


Autism is when you're yourself too much

(伪峤愊勏屜 (aut贸s, "self") + -喂蟽渭蠈蟼is (-ism贸s, "-ism"))

It's not fair that my generation has to deal with boomer parents

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Since the nature of my disability--my lack of control over how my special interests are expressed and how it affects my activity and ability--is explicitly mentioned, maybe now I'll stop feeling guilty all the time for contributing to projects or creating/experimenting with new things without commercialising them or JustGettingARealJob.

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And to be clear: I would like to see a collective court case for all those like me (and there are _many_ of us) who have had to go through this exact thing, and for those who were never capable of appealing at all and have/had to live in in terrible poverty and health as a result.

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They were even apologetic about the whole thing since the whole investigation and evaluation was decisively conducted wrong.

They also emphasised how it would cost a lot of needless resources and effort if I took the whole thing to court, which I threatened to do in my appeal (clearly a highly effective thing to do).

Suing them for doing this to me (and my family) would be no less than the right thing to do, but I don't think I can manage that now that the motivational fire has been mostly quenched. I would support a collective initiative to make a court case, though.

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I can't really process this yet as I'm still in a bit of a shock, but I just got granted disability support until retirement after I appealed their initial decision to deny me.

This means I get to eat and live a modest but comfortable life despite being unable to commercialise my shifting special interests or hold an employment.

I can't adequately express what this means for us. We were going to have to start rationing the little candy we give our precious dog every day because we were running out with no way to buy more.

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I want to be/make a knowledge bridger, there's too much knowledge out there that is just disjoint because there's so much focus on specialization. I already have some knowledge from my 3 different degrees that is just disjoint. I want to sit with it and link it together.

Horray! Finally got the release blogpost for @spritelyproject Goblins v0.8 out the door!

Improvements to interactions in the network protocol, coroutine support, integration with Racket's IO system, and more!

WHEW! Now to go build cool things *on top of it*!

Had my second dose of vaccine yesterday. Feeling a bit under the weather now and my arm is quite incapacitated, but at least I don't have to do it again (hopefully).


Leaky water bottle killed my phone in the night. Here and now that means I can't do anything that requires ID authentication online, including paying bills.

Meanwhile, my is still nowhere to be seen and they won't give me a refund before they're ready to ship it, so there's neither a replacement nor any money to get one.

Steam announced "Steam Deck", a switch-like portable gaming console based on SteamOS (a Debian Linux modified by Steam) based on their Proton work of recent years that drastically improved running Windows games on Linux.

I'm really curious about the result :flan_thumbs:

The cost is higher than a Switch with 450鈧 , the resolution is 1280x800 which is understandable and is powered by a Ryzen CPU which is surprising!

@calcifer An example of capitalist pressure is assumption creep. It used to be that you could change the oil in a car in your driveway with a funnel, a pan, and a wench. Then you needed a jack. Then you needed a proper car lift. Then they stopped caring and assumed you'd take it to authorized service personnel who have a four wheel lift and That Specific Wrench needed to drain the crank case. The last car I tried to change the oil by hand was 20 years ago and it was nearly impossible. Now it's not even worth it.

It's not just that repairability is not a right, it's that culture has relegated it to replacement or expertise and a massive tech chain. The world we live in doesn't have things even designed to be repairable now. We'd need more than rights, we'd need *regulation*.

I was updating screenshots for stable releases, and I just want you all to appreciate how pretty the Onboarding app is in elementary OS 6. 馃槏 - oh i love this hot take on the github copilot machine learning fair use debate

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