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I'm close to moving back to Windows. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to hold oneself back, deny oneself better and easier accessibility in the name of open source, when many open source developers don't give a crap about accessibility, and/or don't educate themselves on it. KDE connect, GSConnect, all were inaccessible for one reason or another, not the least because of Gnome-shell's terrible accessibility issues. That was just the last straw. With the only thing holding me to Linux being Emacs+Emacspeak, I think its time to quit Linux and just use what actually works. It's interesting how being "free" just means being under the power and whim of other people, a mass of developers who have no insentive for accessibility, rather than a cohesive company who does. This is serious, and I want every developer to understand this, understand my deep frustration with FOSS.

#FOSS #Linux #KDE #a11y #accessibility #Windows #comunism #capitalism #software #developers

My anxiety is just my brain getting stuck polling the future, instead of staying in the present & letting the future send push notifications when it needs something.

University of Minnesota banned from Linux kernel development and a purge begins:

"Because of this, I will now have to ban all future contributions from your University and rip out your previous contributions"

Disability rant. Ableism. 

I'm done reassuring people that at least now I live in Sweden and not shitCountryTM when it comes to disability. I'm thinking sometimes it's worse here. At least when everything failed back then it felt like I was surviving in the jungle and it made sense to struggle so much. When everything fails here, but everyone is patting themselves on the back about how accommodating they are to the "poor differently-abled", the self hate is so much higher.

Finally requested a refund for the Librem 5. I only procrastinated for a couple of months, but luckily they are taking a lot longer than that to ship it.

Hopefully I get the refund soon. Money is tight 馃槹

If you work for #IBM, you're not allowed to use your personal email for anything not involving IBM

"As an IBM employee, you are not allowed to use your gmail account to work in any way on VNIC. You are not allowed to use your personal email account as a "hobby". You are an IBM employee 100% of the time. Please remove yourself completely from the maintainers file. I grant you a 1 time exception on contributions to VNIC to make this change."

A boring dystopia

fucked up how bats have really big hands and use them to fly by literally picking up big handfuls of air and putting it underneath them so that they're on top of it (the air).

Copyright means that it's right to copy something, it's in the word

I should say "what I've been working /towards/". I've also implemented buoyancy and some Newtonian physics.

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I don't understand the physics of stuff getting into one's shoe while walking. Even with sandals, like, how does a pebble shoot out backwards and then curl up around the heel of the sole and land underneath the foot?

I have ADD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and a brain malformation. My brain is diverse in size, shape, chemistry, and function. I am neurodiverse.

I've had numerous occasions at FOSS conferences where people have ranted to me at length that people who 'can't do math' or 'won't learn the command line' are just lazy even after I've explained in depth how my disabilities make these things difficult for me.

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how you tell a raven and one of the all-black types of crow apart:
鈥 ravens are larger. like they're huge. not, 'oh, that bird is a bit large', more 'holy shit that bird could bench press me'
鈥 a raven's beak is longer and much thicker
鈥 in flight, a raven has a more wedge-shaped tail and more curved wings with longer fingers, and flaps its wings much less
鈥 crow calls tend to be variations of 'caw'. ravens make a very hoarse croaking sound

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2.5b people in Earth's 130 poorest countries have not been vaccinated. The 85 poorest countries won't be vaccinated until 2023. The humanitarian cost is unforgivable - and self-defeating, as each infected person is a potential source of new strains.

How the actual fuck did this happen?

1/ suspension 

Can someone whose account federates with confirm that both the FARC-EP & the ELN's accounts have been suspended from that instance?

Because if so, this shows that the ~progressive~ & ~left-wing~ credentials of fedi's flagship instance are even emptier than previously shown. Which was already pretty empty.

We were under the impression both of those organizations joined mastodon largely because they're ruthlessly suppressed on corporate social media, so...


I'm the opposite of a utilitarian object: useless but attractive.

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Looking to perform eye surgery to fix my severe nearsightedness but it's so difficult since it's completely outside of the healthcare system so you have to seek treatment privately.

There are so many companies and I really hate making choices like these. If I seek treatment that's half the price of some other I risk fucking up my eyes for life. So do I pay 5k euro based on blind faith that the treatment is actually safer or do I go with an equivalent for 3k and hope it's good? This is not the kind of freedom I enjoy.

reading: Aid in reverse: how poor countries develop rich countries 

I've been reading a lot of essays by Jason Hickel lately:

this one is about how poor countries develop rich countries:

something i think we all knew or suspected.
but the numbers and tactics it puts into words are still far worse from where i imagined them to be

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