The Guix community is so nice and thoughtful, really an oasis in FOSS... that's not an accident though; thank you to the Guix leadership and team for working hard to make it that way.

just saw the results of a poll about mastodon etiquette.

One of the questions was "When is responding to someone being a 'reply guy' or inappropriate in another way?"

I was thinking the most voted for results would be 'reply is too personal' and potentially 'something else'. which, you know, whatever.

What won was 'reply is naive / unaware'.

so... people who don't grasp social cues as well as you? very likely autistic people? people who'd leave you alone if you calmly explained you didn't want to talk kinda thing?

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Using data from Kepler and TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), scientists have confirmed the existence of KOI-5Ab, an exoplanet that orbits a THREE-STAR SYSTEM. DUDE!!!!

#news #science #space #nasa 馃悩

MIT and BSD are the "please tread on me big corp" of licenses, fuck that shit

Yet the book is ultimately unequivocal in its insistence that ambition does and must exist outside the profit motive--that the pursuit of knowledge and benefit for all is not reducible to profit or power. Shevek doesn't become a titan of industry or a mover or shaker with his innovative theory of physics. After completing it through a lifetime of work and a fraught journey, he gives it away for free to the entire world and goes home with nothing.

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What makes The Dispossessed a great and enduring work is its honesty about the things that can go wrong in a society constituted under anarchist ideals, including the creeping nature of enforced mediocrity to assert itself even in a society without sanctioned state violence. A revolution is never complete and you can't rest on calling yourself a leftist or anarchist; revolution must forever be renewed in one's self, in one's community and society.

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Changing the UI font on a computer to something more legible than the default:

Windows 10 : 16-step process involving RegEdit, notepad, file juggling, restart鈥

macOS: No.

Linux: Pick the font in system font settings.

isnt this EXACTLY what we been talking about again and again on this Feral Diversity........... this is it. in a nutshell. why its such a bad discourse

I think it's time to have a discussion about piracy 

It's hella cool, hurts no one, you get free shit, and it's the most ethical way to consume media. I can't recommend it enough 馃檪

I wish there was something like reddit gold on the general internet, but actually useful currency, that could be easily and visibly awarded to someone who did something cool, to show appreciation.

I can't handle pressure and expectations, and I don't really decide where my special interest will take me, so if I could just earn a copper coin here and there for having produced something cool, that would help with the problem of living in this capitalist world.

Just realised yesterday that I've probably worked 80 hours on this feature (for a FOSS game) that people seem to be excited about. Yet money is a thing reserved for wage slaves and tech bros doing bullshit jobs.

I just want to survive doing cool things the only way I'm able to.


On GitHub it would probably just have said it can't list all the entries.
With web technology, somehow thousands or even just hundreds of smol things are too many for a computer to handle.
I think it also gives up on rendering files larger than 2 MB or so.
It's like having the limitations of a C64 but for absolutely no reason.

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who called it gold and not creddit

This is always making me laugh how pigeons love you so very deeply and are very gentle and soft with you, beak kissing and stuff and the second after they are attacking you with their beak and giving wing claps. These flying demons. 馃ゴ馃檴

Still love them so much. 鉂わ笍


Teacher friends!
A librarian friend of mine suggested having a librarian come in and teach a session on information literacy if I find out some of my students believe in conspiracy theories.

It also is just a solid idea in general.

I'm used to seeing our adorable little magpies here so when a hooded crow comes flying in it looks quite majestic with its relatively wide wingspan. Ravens are just nuts, though. When I see one I'm always in awe, even at a distance.

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