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I need to say that I know my posts can sometimes come across as assertive and rude, but that's not my intent. When I write, I get sick of prefixing every single statement with "I think", "I believe", "I feel like", "In my experience", "My uneducated take is that" and any variations of those I can think of, so I put extra effort into figuring out what is OK to state more boldly in order to cut down on down-watering disclaimers and to not appear overly insecure in my positions (which makes people not take you seriously).

People assert their opinions all the fucking time. I can probably find a dozen examples or more of it in my timeline from the last day. The difference is that neurotypicals have a talent for coming across as inclusive, agreeable and/or funny doing it while I'm just here asserting things people may not readily agree with and come off like an offensive "wanker" and having "fucked up" takes.

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Micro-story out of the Progeny universe 

Crumbs left behind, traces of Selves. Prints on the surface, ripples in the soil. Rumors and tales unable to fully make sense. The truth lies buried in rock, not to be uncovered by anyone but the carrier itself.

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We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

#IndoorPlants #Florespondence

I've had this palm for over 20 years now. It was about 60cms high when I got it. I don't want it to get any bigger because it's hard to move as is! The 2nd photo gives a better sense of how it sits within the dining room. I love the lush feel it gives to the room.

#Gardening #Plants @plants

TIL newton’s pendulum has way more „moves“ than I originally thought it has (never owned one myself and just always saw one in films etc.)


gangnam style ft. newton’s pendulum by xmphysics

*Schizophyllum commune* has over 23,328 distinct, mostly inter-compatible mating sexes. It's growth is also influenced by gravity, so you can see that this fungus grew one way and then grew another way when flipped over. They can remain dry for a long time and revive quickly with the return of rain like a sponge.

#fungi #mushrooms #sporespondence #mushtodon #fungiberse

I never would have thought sending and receiving text could be so resource intensive until I started using matrix clients to communicate with people

im a big fan of how much the anti-car movement has spread over the internet recently

not enough, but still impressive

I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

i have deadass seen better armour design and execution at a townie anime convention

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Can you trap a galaxy in a crystal ball? I tried! Back in 2018 I took this image of the Milky Way through a crystal ball from ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile.

#astronomy #astrophotography

Since we're all excited about the image of Sagittarius A*, here's a different view of the central regions of our galaxy.

In January the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa released a stunning radio dataset. In the image below I colorised it using what we call spectral index, which tells us what causes this radio emission, like electrons accelerated by magnetic fields.

Sgr A* would be an tiny spec at the center of this image.

More info:

#astronomy #astrophotography

To be my best self I had to be a bad child to my parents, and I'm proud and happy I had the courage to do so.

Anyone know a Masto instance for gardeners? It might be the gateway for my wife to get off FB. #ask #garden

Forms asking questions about your feelings (in general or about something) should include "I don't know" as an option. In a majority of cases I'm truly unable to tell, so any answer along some scale is going to be misleading and pollute the data.

@ADHDefy @tilvids is excellent, fortunately it is not the only one!

I'd recommend, for example:

...I totally get the issues you have. My account boosts PeerTube videos daily from instances that are responsibly moderated.

Most of the #peertube instances I've come across are desloate wastelands with like one obscure, Nepolese porn video; or like a series of personal vlogs, all by one unintelligable guy in a leather duster. I did find one fairly active one, but it turned out to be a "by racists, for racists" kind of deal and that's not really my scene, what with having a basic level of human decency and all.

Then there is @tilvids, which is stacked with quality edutainment content and has a great community. It's basically the gold standard for what Peertube was meant to be.

Does anyone know of any other good #instances out there besides #TILVids, or is it basically just dead ones and facists?

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