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Took some time and set up a space to aggregate and curate scientific communities and topics on . It can be hard to find good, serious communities relevant to your interests, so this is my initiative to make it easier.

It has subspaces for natural sciences, and computer (which also has a subspace for programming languages), as well rooms such as "Ask Science" and "Philosophy of Science".

For anyone interested, you can find the space via this link:!lBZPyclsQiWAwbHjT

Boosts are welcome. Would be nice if this could be a thing, especially given the experimental support for LaTeX in Element's composer it could be of some interest to scientific communities.

Proposal to make it illegal for free and open project developers to use the phrase 鈥渢his warning message is harmless and can be ignored.鈥

Have a bit more pride in your work, people. Either a warning message is not harmless or your library should not be throwing it.

I鈥檓 looking at you, Flatpak.

EVERY Flatpak app currently starts with the warning 鈥淕tk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"鈥

And it鈥檚 been that way for over a year.


#flatpak #foss #theDetailsMatter

Has convergent evolution been known to produce recognisably similar gene sequences?

Nice, SVT har en sida med uppdaterade siffror f枚r n氓gra aspekter av klimatf枚r盲ndringarna:


Just finished a 30 minute recipe after about 1,5 hours. It was not well structured

See how much I struggle with posting anything that's not moaning. Even these two posts.

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I don't like how much I moan online. I'm more positive on the inside, just not as motivated to spread my occasional inner rainbows around as much as my complaints that tend to spawn from sudden flairs of fierce annoyance

@schratze taking my crow to therapy after realizing i still need therapy

A few years ago I mentored I J. Price on a Guile-to-javascript compiler, and he finished it.

Foolishly, I did not push hard enough to get it merged ASAP, and it's bitrotten.

I hope on my next train ride to finish porting Goblins to Guile, then merge the Scheme->JS compiler.

Our floof reminds me to bring the ball by blocking the doorway because she sees I'm not carrying it. It's adorable!

went back downhill (had to go to the store), and one of the marina regulars had left some pineapple scraps out

got to watch this iguana come down out of the tree once they were confident i wasn't gonna bother them

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Disability, job, masking 

Now that more people have begun working at the office, it's looking less and less sustainable to pretend I'm neurotypical. I can feel the meltdowns coming closer, even with noise-cancelling headphones. It's about that time also where people start perceiving I'm 'strange' but associating it to me being foreign.

I still don't trust that it won't work against me to tell. But it's getting to a point when it's no longer a choice. :battery_low:

Been trying to do that thing where you draw something every day in October, but all the alternatives for prompts and making it too complicated in my head made it hard to begin.

But today I did it! No special prompt just a word I heard. Sunflower.

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