@FediFollows @forgefriends no, this is not "a git"

you're implicitly playing into github's game when you conflate git with their service


I'm sure @joeyh knows they didn't and don't given his time writing software to work with git.

Consider, then, that he didn't say what you thought he said?


@FediFollows git is a git. JGit is another git.

github is in the extend phase of embrace/extend/extinguish, where they are trying to make themselves synonymous with git, make people conflate the two, and gradually replace free software git tooling with proprietary github tooling.

This is why people get upset. Calling it "a git" helps with the conflation and helps them in their "extend" mission.

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gitea, gitlab, savannah, pagure, kallithea, sourcehut, launchpad, github, bitbucket, sourceforge etc are software project platforms, code forges, several of which support git, some of which support other tools as well.

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ForgeFriends is a tool for competitive compatibility, f.k.a. adversarial interoperability, which proxies existing forges and uses ForgeFed to connect them to each other, so that the person on one forge instance can participate in a project on another forge without leaving their home instance, even though one or both instances don't have their own support for ForgeFed.

@joeyh @FediFollows @deejoe @forgefriends

@clacke @joeyh @FediFollows @deejoe @forgefriends So like, "a git system" or "a git client" or something like that would be better in that description than "a git" then?


@hamefang @clacke @joeyh @FediFollows @deejoe @forgefriends git service platform is probably more accurate to say. They're hosting repos and providing project management services.

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@sudoreboot Yes, calling it a git service platform or git hosting platform makes it clear that it isn't git, but complements git.

Calling it a code forge or development forge makes it a little bit clearer that it offers more services than simply publishing the repo.

But ForgeFriends is neither of these things. It is a communication service between forges.

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