If nothing else, is a great language to learn so that you can use its interpreter, ghci, as a superpowered calculator

Combined with you can add any Haskell package to the environment and import it in ghci. Super useful for when you want to, say, import the `linear` package to check your vector/matrix math

As I do this to test some logic I'm trying to implement in I'm reminded of how clean the Haskell syntax is. Not necessarily elegant or simple (it's quite ad-hoc and complex in places), but definitely less noisy and more readable.

@sudoreboot I come from the other side, being mostly a rustacean and only fiddled around with Haskell from time to time, I find the Haskell syntax way too complex compared to Rust.

Too many non-ascii characters, IMHO!


@musicmatze GHC supports Unicode characters (via an extension?) but Haskell is normally written only with ASCII characters

@unclechu @musicmatze One might also be fooled into thinking normal operators rendered as ligatures are really unicode characters

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