My folks bought a new place last winter, and they have an absolutely fabulous pollinator garden. The previous owners let it do its own thing at some point.

As a result exceptionally overgrown and they have a massive invasion of Goutweed (mostly the kinda pretty one with green leaves bordered in white).

I spent about 8 hours digging up Goutweed today and may have cleared an area of about 2 metres x 0.5 metres. Probably have another 20 metres x 0.5 metres to go before the invasion is under control in the backyard (until it grows back).

Then there's a side yard that is completely covered in it, with a couple apple trees starting to take root between a shed & the house.

And the front yard is fighting a losing battle there as well...

Sadly, I won't be able to get back out there until the 29th or 30th, so the small area I was able to clear will probably need to be cleared again.

Should be "fun"!

It's far too late in the season to really get one going, but we are hoping to turn a good 4 metre x 4 metre area into a small vegetable garden. Most of that area is (more-or-less) clear already, but until we get some of the overgrowth & goutweed cleared up, we can't really move forward with that part of the project.


Actually managed to get out to my folks' place for a few hours today and tore up another 3 metres x 0.5 metres of solid Goutweed.

At one end of the goutweed, it was (and still largely is) mixing with an overgrown rosebush. The other end was mixing with a huge section of Peonies (I think I got it out on that side).

Also removed all the overgrowth that had made its way into the "protected" area by the basement window as that area is supposed to be kept clear in case of emergencies...

There's still a lot of work to be done, but at least there's starting to be a visible dent. I'll get back out there in a couple of weeks to go back over the area I cleared and move further through the rose bushes and along the back tree line.

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