Closing in on the end of the first panel at .

The 2nd panel, although titled "Empowering Future Communities" is on "Powering Future Communities."

With the PeerTube feed's instance ( ) having some issues with streaming due to the load, I highly advise joining it on YouTube instead.

@srgray I'm having luck watching via YT but hanging out in the PT chat without video.

@srgray that the #peertube server was down "due to the load" is somehow bizarre, as it's supposed to distribute the stream among viewers with p2p sharing in realtime ... or was it not configured to allow that sharing?
anyhow it would be good to see what really went bad so next time it works ;)
(I already seen peertube live with hundreds of viewer, it should hold it)

@Olm_e Not my server, so I'm not sure how this particular instance was configured.

The instance didn't go down, but there were clear bandwidth issues in the livestream. Blocky images, sound cut outs, even a briefly dropped signal. Other ppl reported issues

If uses P2P to assist with the distribution, then perhaps the issue was with the bandwidth on the uplink? It was simulcast to YouTube, so if they were using the same computer for the uplink, that could create some issues.

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