I forgot to show you something that many users will praise: the new HSV color selector of #Krita 5.1(beta1), it can be activated on the "Specific Color Selector" docker. 🎨

@davidrevoy really wish this was above all the items it effects its like they're just coping PS but they haven't improved a lot of their ux in decades.

@squeakypancakes Hey, it's unfair because I was around ten years ago and their user interface improved a lot. (I post a screenshot of Krita, 2012.)

HSV color selector was made by Sam Linnfer, a community contribution ( invent.kde.org/graphics/krita/ ) and sure, it mimic the only selector Ps user had during a while. Many artist wanted this one because they have habit with it.

If you have good idea about ux, please join the discussions on the merge request and propose improvements. Thanks!


@davidrevoy Sorry, i was referring to photoshop ux which still hangs onto some of its 1.0 designs from the late 80s. Krita doesn't need to be a clone of PS, its great that people who have been using PS for decades can switch with no problems but that doesn't mean we need to replicate 80s design 30 years later.

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