I never got how people can think these are ugly.

Or loud.
I stood under one on the Monadhliath hills, looking up directly into the path of the blade, sounded and looked awesome.
Also not that loud as there was about 30 of them. Just a cool swooshing and the odd creak.

@solarbear they're clearly not as pretty as a coal power plant. mmmm, coal.

@sinvega @solarbear And certainly don't smell as good as a coal power plant. You know, how terrible it would be with clean air...

@solarbear in that sort of landscape, I'd agree.
In quiet rural areas, is not just the landscape that's affected, though. Residents nearby get a buffeting noise that can be quite intense if the wind is wrong. I'm about 戮 mile from a very small one, and even I am affected at times.

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