I think I need a solid day to get the swing of things but so far I don't get instances. Can someone explain! Why have different accounts for different instances?

@softgirlsmatter This is a really bourgeois example, but imagine owning two houses. Two (essentially) free houses, on land that has a big sign on it that says "come build a free house on my land!" in different cities. You have friends and family and people you'd like to talk to in both cities, both have different kinds of communities, different features, politics, etc.

Rather than mess with hotels or couch surfing or sleeping in your car, it'd be way cool to just own a house in both cities, right?

(The houses are accounts, the cities are instances)

Plus, like, everyone has phones or internet, or telepathy or whatever so they can still talk to each other from other cities.

Also, teleportation is real.

@softgirlsmatter Basically to access the local timeline on that particular instance 😀

There are general instances and then ones focussing on all different kind of things.

A lot of people have more than one account.

Welcome to Sunbeam anyways :kirby_happy: :fediverse: :_earth: :ancomheart: :pika_surprise: :blackcat:

@softgirlsmatter feel free to post and ask any more questions you may have! There are loads of folks who would be more than happy to help 🙂

@softgirlsmatter people often have a main account and few alts as well as a backup acount on different instance because all instances are different (themes,strong moderation, custom emoji, character limits, local toots options, doodle option, etc.).

Also instances tend to be down for maintenance, have bugs, be seeng toots hours late and go down unexpectedly. Having another view into the fediverse often help figuring what is happening.

(Here is a fabulous guide to mastodon

Welcome to the fediverse :)

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