A podcast I definitely recommend is For The Wild. The interviewer has a great way of pushing the interviewee's to address colonialism (if they already haven't) when talking about environmental justice and it always addresses white supremacy in the ones I've listened to.

@softgirlsmatter that looks very interesting! Thanks for the recommendation. I don't really like the mainstream environmental justice conversation, as it's often ableist, classist and racist. This sounds interesting. Do you have a favourite episode? :)

@Some_Person I have a bunch! My favorite is the one with Michael Meade, the one on reproductive justice, and this one I listened to today with adrienne maree brown

@softgirlsmatter oh cool! Thanks for your reply! It sounds like something I'd enjoy listening to :)

Sex mention 

Sex mention 

@softgirlsmatter I just got recommended this yesterday, woo thank you for reminding me

Just listened to the latest episode. Thank you for sharing!

@softgirlsmatter Oooh, do you happen to have a link to it?:)I'd love to listen!

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