If you want to support , take a look at IGD's call to action and list of upcoming events. If there's nothing in your area, try to organize something if you can


And please as well. Here's a list of Turkish companies for whom a targeted boycott has been called:


Don't be silent. Make people aware of the atrocities the Trump regime has opened the door for

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If you're like me and don't typically purchase from any of the Turkish companies listed, and are neither near any of the existing solidarity actions nor able to organize one yourself, one tangible thing you can do is participate in some of the phone zaps that are planned

There's one today (Thursday 10/10) and tomorrow (Friday 10/11) that asks you to call a couple of key figures in the so-called US government, as well as your own representatives, and demand that a no-fly zone be established over Rojava: facebook.com/events/4703707470

And one on Saturday (10/12) targeting a hotel that will be hosting a pro-Erdogan event later this month, demanding that they cancel the event if the planners don't denounce the invasion: twitter.com/RojavaSoliCO/statu

You can also help by spreading the word. This shouldn't be a political issue, it's a matter of basic human compassion. We can't let the US regime sweep this under the rug

Lmao. I'm phone zapping right now, and when I called McConnel's office I very clearly heard someone on the other end pick up the handset, then slam it right back down

They're annoyed and I'm loving it

Ok, I don't love that an underpaid secretary is having a bad day at work today

But I do love that the office is getting too many calls for them to deal with

IGD's list has a strong focus on Turtle Island (so-called North America), so if you're elsewhere you might want to check Antifa International's list instead:


Even more here! Mostly protests scheduled for *today* (Saturday 10/12) - please check this list if you don't already know where to go to support Rojava!


There have been a lot of upcoming solidarity events added to this list recently! Please check and attend any that you can!

there's another call for the 14th, aiming to target the weapon industry and others that profit from the war.

many of them are listed here:
or there:

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