more mArKEt ResEaRCh 

A Crowd-funder Approaches!

We'll be launching a campaign soon, via , to make sure we can cover costs to get our VPS hosting going.

If you'd be interested in contributing to this fundraising drive, would you potentially want:

more mArKEt ResEaRCh 

@serverscoop shame I can't select multiple, because all of them could apply to me depending on my budget.

more mArKEt ResEaRCh 

@M0YNG Yeah, if there's a way to make a multi-select poll I couldn't find it, but that would have been ideal 😅 Thanks so much! 🙏
– @3wc

more mArKEt ResEaRCh 

@serverscoop don't know what software you are using but tusky and mastodon have the "multiple choices" option 😅

@serverscoop well this is unintuitive

"Polls default to one-of / single-choice. Click on the radio button to switch your poll to any-of / multiple-choice checkboxes."

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